Have you ever had anyone tell you that you HAD to do something to be successful in your business?

Sure you do need to have dedication.  You need to understand basic marketing.  And you need to keep track of your expenses and income…along with paying your taxes!

But I’m not talking about any of that.  I’m talking about people telling you that you have to do business like them.

For example, maybe you’ve been told you HAVE to do Adwords.  You don’t.  Or you’ve been told you must outsource specific elements of your business.  You don’t. 

Or maybe you’ve been told how must build a large company and hire employees.  Thank God you don’t!

It seems everyone has their idea of how your business should be run.  The opinion that counts is your own and your family.

I have successful clients I work with who fit into different categories…and even then some of them would say they don’t fully fit in that category.

The Business Builder

There are those who want a business with employees.  They love the energy.  They love having great people around them who can share ideas together.

This adds to the company expenses, but in their cases this also adds to the bottom line profits.  They’re building a business ran by employees and it’s not that stressful for them to manage all this in the beginning.  Soon they hire a full-time manager who manages the business for them. 

Their staff is continually growing right alongside the profits.  This is what they want.  This is what motivates them. 

The clients I have like this are often what you’d look at as the classic entrepreneurs.  They’re building a long-term business they love working with and shaping into a leader.


 This one doesn’t want a large stuff.  It would stress them out.   Even with a full-time manager, they don’t want to be responsible for it.

What they do want is a smaller profitable business.  They are the only “employee” of their business.  Or in a few cases they do bring in one assistant to manage the responsibilities. 

They almost always eventually have a right hand helper, but that could be a virtual assistant they trust and work with consistently.  It doesn’t have to be a direct employee.

The rest of their team is virtual.  They hire people from other lower cost countries such as the Philippines to do the work.  They setup systems for them to follow. 

This provides them the leverage to build a business that works without them. 


There’s a 3rd group though that gets put down all the time.  They’re the freelancer.  They really like doing the work of the business.  They’re not building up a sellable business like the above, because they’re required in the work.

A copywriter or designer or virtual assistant who is the product they sell would fit in this category as an example. 

This group is often put down as not being entrepreneurs at all, because they’re required to do the work of the business.  But so what?   If that’s someone’s goal, that’s fine.

They are often better off with at least a virtual assistant and I would push them in that direction…to have one person to take care of the more minor responsibilities to keep their income per hour up.  

Even with one assistant, they are still a freelancer. 

Which One Fits You?

Which one of the options above fits your goals?  What is it you want from your business?  You’ll have people from the other two camps tell you how you’re not doing it right, but it really comes down to the lifestyle you want to create.

You can create your lifestyle business the way you want.  But you won’t get there just listening to someone who tells you that you have to do it their way.

It comes back to you, your skills, and your desires. 

And this doesn’t just apply to your style of business.  It applies to every other element of your business.  You don’t have to work 9 to 5.  Maybe you like working at midnight.  You don’t have to participate in any specific form of traffic.  There are numerous options. 

Never before have you had so much choice and so many options.  That can in itself be a problem if you don’t get clear on what you want.  So do it…today.

If you’re serious about creating your own business using any of the 3 models above, one of the perfect starting places is with Dan Gallapoo’s “Kitchen Table Entrepreneurs” free report which you can download here (on a PC right click and choose Save Target as to save it to your hard drive). 

Kitchen Table Entrepeneurs

Note: I am an affiliate for the product he offers at the end of the report.

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