Email is on my mind, because my clients have been asking me to review a lot of emails lately.

Email was my first big income discovery 16 years ago.  It’s still going strong today even when surrounded by social media, blogs, instant messages, and every other tool under the sun.

If you’re not using email, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Here are 7 quick-fire deadly email sins which could be costing you money right now.

Mistake #1: You’re too wordy. 

Shorten your sentences.  Break up your paragraphs.  Make your email look inviting and easy to read.  Get the point quickly and get your message across.

Especially pay attention to the beginning of your email.

Mistake #2: You’re just like everyone else. 

How do you stand out from the competition?  Where is your advice differently?

And what are you absolutely shocked that no one else is talking about?

That’s your message.  Get one.  Stand out.  Piss some people off with it.  And grow your audience.

Mistake #3: You don’t email often enough. 

Sending out emails once a quarter when you have a new product to launch won’t cut it.

I used to say bare minimum was once a month.  Now it’s more like once a week.

That’s the minimum.  Your market may vary but most profitable is often somewhere between three to six times a week.

Mistake #4: You only send free content and never ask them to buy.

The worst list to try to make profitable is one that has only been sending free content without asking their audience to buy.

The list owner sends an offer, and their people moan.  Subscribers complain.  And freebie-seekers whine about how they’ve sold out to the capitalist monster now.

Balance the content with the pitch.  It takes both for a happy list.

Mistake #5: You only mail offers with zero content.

This is the opposite side of the fence.  It’s more profitable than #4 because at least you make money until you burn out the list.

There’s even a viable list strategy called churn-and-burn where you add list members as fast as you can and make sales to them every single day.  If you can earn more in the first couple of months than it cost to build the list, it can be profitable.

But the best long-term profit strategy is to mix content with the offers.  Keep them interested, reading, and buying from you.

Mistake #6: You’re not telling a story.

What’s your story?  What’s your product story?  Who else is involved in your business?

Who have you helped?  What are some classic highlight stories of your life?

If friends asked you at a party to share an interesting thing that happened to you, what would you share?

Mistake #7: You’re as boring as watching grass grow. 

You just give the facts.  No drama.  No excitement.

Hit the snooze button.  Go on back to sleep because there is nothing to see there.

I have to watch this constantly for myself.  Because my own “natural” style would be to give the facts and the steps without the curiosity mixed in.

There I admitted it.  I’m naturally a boring kind of guy.  But my wife loves me anyway.

Here are two bonus ones that some people would claim are deadly email sins, but they’re not.

Spelling/Grammar Mistakes:  Sure this can be annoying, but it doesn’t kill the sales of the email.  I’ve had many emails with mistakes in them that had a landslide of sales.

Long Emails: Shorter emails produce more clicks, but clicks probably aren’t your goal.  You want sales.  I’ve had both long and short emails which brought in the sales.  Use whatever gets the job done.

One of the shameless bribes in the Monthly Mentor Club will show you how to grow your lists four to seven times faster.

Use the tips above to email your list.  Then use the Mentor Club materials to grow your lists.  Profit.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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