Add More SubscribersThe internet is noisy!

Here a pitch.  There a pitch.  Everywhere a sales pitch.

How will they hear yours?

Of course we can deliver entertaining relevant content, and cut through a portion of the noise this way.

But how will people KNOW your content is different until you grab their attention.  How will you hook them in to joining your list and digging into that unique content you’ll provide.

You really only have about 5 seconds from when someone visits your website to grab their eyeballs.

If you don’t reach through the computer screen and grab them by the sides of the head in this timeframe, then they’re gone…often never to be seen again.

Here are 7 strategies to help you boost your optin conversion rate.

#1 – Upgrade your offer.

If you’re not getting the response you want, go through your stats to get to know your visitors as well as you possibly can.  Where are they visiting you from?  What keywords are they looking up?  What other websites are they likely visiting before and after?

Just offering them “another email list” isn’t going to grab their attention.  What I’m finding best lately is often a cheat sheet of some type beats a full ebook.  They want the information you provide quickly in an easy to use form.  Other options are an audio interview or a short video, again depending on the audience.  Get them the information they’re looking for in the format they want.

#2 – Make a unique promise.

How does your promise stand out from the competition?  Does it make them say:

“Wow…how in the world will they do that?”


“Yawn…why in the world would I want another one of those?”

You have seconds to grab their attention with your headline.  They’re either excited to find out more or they’re bored with the same-old stuff.

#3 – Shorten the main headline. 

Over the past few years there has been a trend of run-on headlines.  These longer style headlines can work if it’s an audience who already knows you as they’ll give you a little benefit of the doubt.

But a brand new visitor, they’re gone before you finish.  Cut any unnecessary words.  Make one primary point.  If you need to say more, put it in a post-headline or in a bullet after the headline.

#4 – Ask for email address only

I’m seeing very little difference anymore in using a person’s name in your emails.  And removing their name from the opt-in form could boost conversion dramatically (I’ve seen a 15% conversion jump all the way up to 25% just from this one item).

The form will be shorter, and less scary to fill out.  Plus you just cut out the time they invest by 50% by removing the name…very important in a busy world.

#5 – Get the opt-in above the fold.

Your full opt-in form should be ABOVE the fold.  This means someone can fill out the form without scrolling on the page.  In some cases, we’ve moved the form right up side-by-side with the text and that’s worked effectively.

Other times we’ve moved some of the bullets below the form or we’ve cut out paragraphs which weren’t needed.  Get the form above the fold.

#6 – Add relevant photos with captions.

People are busy, and they’re often using their first impressions of a site to judge its value.  Using photos that demonstrate the benefits they’re looking for can capture their attention just like your headline does.

The purpose of a headline is to capture people’s attention and get them to read more.  The purpose of a photo is to capture their attention and get them to read more…often the benefit rich caption under it.

#7 – Use benefit rich CURIOSITY bullets

People don’t read online.  They scan.  Use bullets to get your primary benefits across to them.  And since in most cases your opt-in gift is likely to be some type of information, you need to get them curious to know more.

Whenever you’re offering information, people respond just as much because of the curiosity factor as they do based on the benefit factor.  They get that itch – that makes them have to know more.  If they don’t subscribe and get your freebie, that one bullet point will keep gnawing at them.


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