Do you make these mistakes in online marketing?

They’re common.  Sadly I’ve made every single one of these mistakes in my journeys online.

Luckily, I’ve lived to tell the tale.

1. Ignoring Paid Advertising.

I shared this colossal mistake in my last email.  Use multiple streams of traffic to your website.

Paid advertising is the FASTEST way to know whether your site is working or not.

It’s almost like a mirror for finding out where you need improvement.  It’s the gas that runs your online engine.

Without it, you can struggle for years with “free” marketing and not know what the problem is.

2. Selling What People Need

You can go broke selling what people NEED.

They buy what they want, not what you think they need.

It’s never about you.  It’s about their desires, their goals, and what they perceive as their desperate problems.

Offer them what they want.  Sometimes you might even be able to sneak in something they need.

3. Forgetting Your Story

What is your reason for being in business?

Great marketing is great storytelling.

You want to tell a story customers will connect with and share with others.

That’s how you expand your message beyond your own borders.

4. Leaving Out the Proof

The most common mistake I see when reviewing client websites is a lack of proof.

It’s my personal biggest mistake.

At this point, I could like shut my eyes when reviewing any website and say, “You need more proof.”

That includes your personal story, testimonials, scientific studies, and so much more.

5. Inconsistent Emails

Smart marketers build a list.

But are you only sending emails when you have a new product to offer?

Or you’re only sending emails infrequently – like once a month?

You’re slitting your own throat.  Stay in regular contact with your tribe.

6. Doing Everything Yourself

Are you the content creator, webmaster, customer support, and chief bottle washer?

I’ve been there too.  It wears you out because you’re doing all kinds of things you’re not qualified for.

When it comes time to let your skills shine, you’re worn out.

Profits suffer.  Concentrate on what only you can do.  Outsource the rest.

7. Internet Blindness

It’s easy to get hidden in your dingy little room in a faraway corner of the internet.

You forget there is a whole world outside the Internet.

Just getting on the phone with a few customers can do reprogram your brain for what they want.

Meet them at a conference or expo.  Pick up magazines at the local newsstand.

And get them OFF the internet at times.

My friend, Doberman Dan, recently brought this back to my attention.

He told me that 99% of internet marketers are leaving at least 50% of their money on the table.

And yes, I was guilty also.

It’s amazing all the mistakes you can make in this biz and still be wildly successful.

He did an exclusive interview with me where he revealed all his dirty little secrets.

For example, he shared a “counter intuitive” secret to finding the hottest “multi buyers” who spend TWICE as much money than your regular customers.

It’s one of the bonuses you get immediately just for trying out the Monthly Mentor Club.

It’s crazy how good this interview is.

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Terry Dean
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