It’s no secret that some newspapers and magazines are struggling.

Will the web kill off print media?  Is it a dying breed?

Maybe. If you extend the timeline out far enough, we’re all dead in the end.

But print isn’t dead today.

Poorly written journalism targeted at the masses is dead.

We’re not just one big subset of people anymore.

We’re individuals who are congregating in smaller special interest groups online.

Print media targeted to those buying niches is still going strong.

Direct mail is booming.

Check out this statistic from Target Marketing’s Sixth Annual Media Usage Forecast:

For customer acquisition, direct mail (34%) topped email (25%), search engine marketing (10%), and affiliate marketing (8%), with 23% of respondents citing a variety of other channels.”

Direct mail even beat my favorite of email!

Let’s skip past bringing in new customers at the moment.

Here’s a quest I constantly get asked…

“Why is the Monthly Mentor Club a paper-and-ink monthly newsletter instead of just a membership site like everyone else?”

My simple answer is it’s a better delivery mechanism.

How many PDFs have you downloaded to your computer?

How many of them do you still refer back to?

I don’t know about you, but I have hundreds if not thousands clogging up my hard drive.

A physical newsletter that arrives in the mail is “more real.”

You read through it multiple times.  You save it for reference.

Dozens of members have told me they eagerly await the monthly newsletter and rip it open when it arrives.

It improves long-term retention.  Members get better results and stay longer.  Everyone wins.

Why would I want to give up those benefits just to save a few bucks?

It’s not just newsletters.

Several one-on-one clients have reported immediate increases in sales when they added a physical option to a digital information product.

One comes to mind immediately.  He has mp3 audios as his main product for $47.

He added a CD at $67 plus shipping. It’s handled by a fulfillment company.

Only a small percentage, close to 20%, take the physical option.

Here’s the kicker.  Sales of his digital option immediately increased.

More customers are buying the product overall and 20% give him extra money for physical.

That’s a big win when you already have a successful marketing engine behind the offer.

Will his competitors copy him?  Probably not.  They’ll miss it, because they’re stuck in their beliefs.

The web may kill print media someday, but that day isn’t today.

If you want all my strategies proven to generate more traffic, increase your conversion, and earn more profits online…

It pays to be a member.

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