making money bloggingDo you have a blog?

Would you like to make more money from it?

If so, here are 7 myths which are likely holding you back. 

Myth #1: It’s easy to make money blogging.

That’s the a popular pitch of course, but the majority of blogs don’t make any real money.  Maybe they generate a few bucks with Adsense if they keep at it long enough, but that’s not a business.  It’s not even a part-time income.

If bloggers were honest, I wonder how many of them earn more than minimum wage from the time they spend blogging. 

Watch the successful ones and how many of them spin off a business from their blog: books, consulting, ebooks, affiliate promotions, etc. 

It’s about more than just your blog. 

Myth #2: Content is King

If your goal is to make money, it’s not just about content.  People are up to their eyeballs in content and information today. 

It’s about branding your business, entertaining your visitor, and getting them to actually take action.  It’s about implementation, not just about content.

Of course will provide content, but content is simply a commodity today.   And it’s a cheap one at that.  If you want to succeed long-term, you need to also share a personality and build relationships with your readers. 

Myth #3: You have to post every day.

No, you don’t.  You could post once a week and it’s still a blog.  The person who posts more often is creating more opportunities for visitors and traffic, but daily posts aren’t a requirement.

None of my clients would refer to themselves as a “blogger.”  They run a business and a blog is one of the tools they use in their business.

It’s tool to help them rank better on the search engines, to regularly connect with their audience, and to participate in social media. 

Myth #4: The number of visitors is your most important stat. 

Is a blog that generates 100,000 visitors a month better than one that generates 10,000 visitors?

On face value, it sure sounds like it.  But what if those 100,000 visitors don’t click on ads, don’t subscribe, and don’t buy the products they recommend? 

I’d rather have the 10,000 visitors if they’re responsive.  I’d rather have 1,000 visitors who are responsive when it comes down to it!

It’s not the number of visitors.  It’s the actions they take when they’re on your site. 

What is the ROI on your blogging?  How much money is the time you invest bringing in for you? 

Of course you could also be doing the blog for fun also, but be honest with yourself about the numbers and what they mean as a business. 

Myth #5: Do everything for free.

You could setup a blog on a free site such as Blogger or for free.  And you could do everything without spending a penny.

But why would you want to?

A blog is your “home base” so to speak for everything else you do in social media.  At minimum, you need your own domain name and your own web host. 

How much are we talking about here?  It’s under $100 a year for this and you’re in business. 

Check out to get started
(affiliate link above). 

I’d also recommend starting an email list as soon as you can.   There are many good list services such as,,,,, and  

Myth #6: RSS and social media are more important than email.

The truth is they are great ways to help grow your email list and to use alongside with email. 

But for actually making money, I’d put my money on the list first. 

It really comes down to an integrated approach where you use all the tools you have at your disposal which includes your websites, your subscriber lists, your blog, joint venture partners, customer mailing lists, and social media together to communicate with your audience. 

Increasing the size and responsiveness of your list is one of the easiest ways to boost your income online. 

Myth #7: Just run Adsense

Adsense sucks.  If you have a high quality site, you’ll find other forms of monetization are more profitable (affiliate programs, selling ads directly, your own products, coaching, etc.).

Here’s something most gurus won’t talk about.  The better your content is, the worse Adsense does for you.  Adsense is most profitable when people want to click away from your website.  So Adsense made sites generally focus on lots of keyword rich low quality content. 

The goal isn’t to keep people on your site with Adsense.  It’s to get them to click away from it.

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