Have you experienced the incredible feeling of money coming in automatically from a membership site or other type of continuity?

It’s amazing. Setting up one of the first Internet marketing membership sites early in my career was a breakthrough for me.

It immediately multiplied my income. And I’ve seen the same kind of results from clients and customers in hundreds of different niches.

My February issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about Making More Money With Memberships. And to tie into this issue, I wanted to give you 7 quick profit tips for membership sites.

#1 – Membership Sites Fit Best In Enthusiast Markets.

Are you in an enthusiast market? You could create a membership for real estate investors, but people just trying to sell their home is not a good market because it’s a one-and-done kind of problem they want solved.

You want an audience where people are chasing after something, instead of running away from something. For example, you target people passionate about online marketing, golden retrievers, horses, bodybuilding, etc. If there’s a magazine on your topic, then it probably has potential to be a membership.

#2 – Double Your Membership Income With Other Offers.

Your members are your best customers. Include links to your other products & services. Offer higher level access to you in some form. Provide specials good for members.

You don’t need to be pushy or in your face about any of this. Just offer them additional opportunities to buy. They’re your best buyers!

#3 – Take the Role of Publisher Instead of Writer.

This is my own personal mistake. I write all the newsletters for my own club, but that’s not the most efficient or profitable way to create a site. One of my clients has 3 continuity programs and will soon open a fourth.

He makes more money from memberships than I do personally because much of the content he publishes comes from other people. You’re limiting your income if you’re the only writer.

#4 – Create a Simple Content Delivery Method.

Write special reports. Record interviews monthly. Shoot short videos. Hold webinars every other week. Quit trying to create an encyclopedia type site. You’ll just overwhelm yourself and your customers. Instead come up with a simple content delivery method and follow it consistently.

#5 – Use Your Membership as an Upsell

You can sell a membership as a frontend product, but several clients have tested and proven it can do even better as an upsell.

Get more people to raise their hands and buy with a one-time product on the frontend. Give them a first month free trial of your membership in the upsell. That’s another way to add a load of new members to your program.

#6 – Find a Way to Create Pain of Disconnect

What will someone lose out on if they leave your membership? Will they miss the community or the tools you provide? Find a way to integrate in something people don’t want to lose when they cancel your membership.

Shopping carts and autoresponders are awesome examples of systems that are painful to disconnect from. They freely let you cancel, but you then have to move all your business systems somewhere else. It’s a hassle most people don’t want to face.

#7 – It’s NOT Just About Content.

You need content in your membership, but content is NOT the most important aspect of your membership, the fees you can charge, or how successful your membership will be.

In fact, the content itself is often the least valuable component of the site.

There are two much more valuable components to membership sites.

And I discuss all about them and how they can be integrated in a highly profitable continuity program in February’s issue of the Monthly Mentor Club which will be available inside the member’s area on February 1st.

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Terry Dean
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