Are you selling your products and services for less than they’re worth?

When I first started online, I was broke.

And because of my own financial situation, I felt everyone else had to be pinching their pennies too.

It never occurred to me they were willing to pay a fair price to solve their problems or accomplish their goals.

It was a breakthrough when I discovered people would actually spend more than $100 online!

The first time I ever wrote copy for a client, I charged only $300 and this included several days of research into his market.

It’s pretty tough to make a good income charging peanuts for work that takes close to a week to finish.

I see others falling into this trap all the time.

You have to value the work you do and results you provide. If you don’t value it, no one else will either.

If you want to charge more, then start charging more!

You’re worth it IF you can deliver the results, add more value than the competition, back it up with proof, and tap into a hungry audience.

Those are the secrets behind higher fees. Let’s cover each one quickly…

#1 – Can you deliver the results?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re offering a product or a service, you have to deliver the results.

Your customers buy because of the end results and how those results make them feel.

Make the biggest, boldest promise you can legally and ethically deliver.

What kind of difference will these results make in your client’s life? How much are the results worth?

Is there any way you can improve the results you’re delivering with an even more valuable offer?

#2 – How does your offer stand out from the competition?

What are your competitors offering? How do you stand out from them?

For example, do you produce faster results? Do you have more proof? Do you offer more personalized service? Do you provide more training and content?

Do you have an outrageous guarantee no one else can match? Do you specialize in a specific type of customer?

A secret to not be stuck in commodity pricing is not position yourself as a commodity.

Your customers want specific results.

And it all comes down to why you can deliver those results better than your competition.

#3 – How can you prove your claims?

Your price can rise right alongside your proof.

Hype is simply a promise without proof.

There is risk involved every time money exchanges hands. You reduce the risk to the customer with a strong guarantee OR by adding more proof backing up your promises.

Testimonials and case studies are awesome sources of proof, but they’re not your only ones.

Have you been featured in any media? Show their logos. If you haven’t been featured, that’s a good reason to send out a press release and/or an article to the media…to get that ‘halo’ effect of being featured.

You can demonstrate the results you produce on video.

You can create a comparison chart on your site that shows why you’re the best option.

You can share valuable content & education…improving their lives before any money exchanges hands.

Or you could even give them an option to ‘try out’ your service before they pay.

#4 – Can you tap into a hungry, buying audience?

The rates you charge may be restricted by the audience you’re targeting.

One of the ways I sabotaged myself on that first copywriting project all those years ago was I offered to write copy for people starting out online. They didn’t have the money to pay a fair rate…or at least that was my perception at the time!

You have to target and attract a hungry audience with the money to pay for results.

You may need to market to a more affluent audience.

Some gurus will tell you it’s all about your attitude, but as you can see from the above…there’s more to it than that.

You have to deliver the results…make your offer stand out from the competition…prove your claims…and tap into a hungry audience who has the money to pay for what you offer.

If you’re ready to start charging more…and attracting more customers/clients at the same time, then click here now:

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Terry Dean
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