In my last email I talked about how to break free from the commodity pricing trap.

You can charge more by delivering greater results, making your offer stand out from the competition, proving your claims, and tapping into a hungry, buying audience.

And I want to give you an even faster method today.

Create a premium option.

This works for just about anything you offer.

If you sell an information product, create a deluxe option for it. This higher priced option may include templates, tools, or personal contact with you in some way.

For example, my course at Autoresponder Alchemy offers a premium version where I personally review 6 of your emails. This is additional income for me while providing direct access to me and personal help for your email sequence.

If you sell ecommerce physical products, create a combination package with everything someone getting started should buy together for a complete solution.

For example, a men’s clothing store could sell a suit, dress shirt, several ties, belt, socks, and shoes all together in one package. You could even make a multiple suit package at a special price.

If you offer consulting or coaching of any type, you can offer additional package deals.

Perhaps your highest level is in-person consulting at either their or your location. You help them achieve results while you’re together whether it’s one day or a full week. And you even include follow-up help after the in-person meeting.

Maybe your pricing for this is $10,000 when your regular over the phone rates are closer to $1,000.

Offering this premium package will accomplish two purposes.

First, it won’t take a large number of customers saying YES to greatly increase the value of your traffic and your list.

Second, the premium package can become a ‘price anchor’ which makes your other offers look even lower cost in comparison.

This is a strategy you see in play often with software solutions. They’ll have 3 or more price points (because people commonly choose the middle one).

And the highest level is premium access or the enterprise solution for larger companies.

If we went back to the men’s clothing store, we could offer custom tailoring as our premium option.

Some of your customers will want the best solution available, but at the same time all of your other options now seem even lower priced in comparison.

What is the best solution you can offer for a customer’s desperate problem?

What does it include? How you can make sure it solves their problem better than anything else available?

And then working backwards from there, what other lower priced solutions can you make available to your audience?

Don’t underestimate the bottom line results you’ll receive by adding a premium option to your offers.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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