A long-term member of the Monthly Mentor Club recently asked a question on our members-only forum.

She had been notified by Aweber that she was receiving too many spam complaints for her follow-up email sequence, and wanted to know what could be done to reduce these (Aweber shows the spam complaints you receive on broadcasts but they don’t show any complaints from your follow-up unless they contact you directly).

This may be a challenge you’ll someday face.

I’ve dealt with several clients where we’ve had to reduce their spam complaints, and here are 8 of the techniques we’ve used to fix the problem.

#1 – Make sure your first few emails reference the gift you gave when they signed up.

New subscribers will forget they signed up for your list. Remind them of why they registered with you and the title of the free gift they received.

You basically want to brand yourself as someone who delivers content and value as quickly as possible while reminding them they asked for your emails.

#2 – Tell them you will be sending them emails on your subscribe page.

You will get higher conversions by focusing on a freebie you immediately deliver to them, but also let them know you will be sending emails.

If you send out emails daily, add text like this near the opt-in box, “You’ll also receive my FREE daily tips to BENEFIT. You can unsubscribe at any time.”

Example: “You’ll also receive my FREE daily tips to help you earn more, work less, and enjoy the Internet Lifestyle. You can unsubscribe at any time.”

#3 – Your thank you page should mention WHO the email comes from.

If your emails come from “Terry Dean,” let them know on the thank you page (although that would be weird if your emails are coming from Terry Dean).

I’ll usually screenshot how the first email looks with the From address and Subject line so they know what to look for.

#4 – Add teaser bullets in your first email.

Tease them with benefits and curiosity about what’s coming. The first email in my sequence has a list of 8 bullet benefits about the upcoming emails.

Get subscribers looking forward to your future emails.

#5 – Add multimedia content early in your sequence.

Written content is great, but audio or video is even better for building a relationship fast.

Link one of your first few emails over to strong multimedia content where you demonstrate passion about your subject.

#6 – Change to double opt-in if required.

It may surprise you, but I work with many clients who use single opt-in on their paid advertising. It’s the default method we use starting out for highest profits.

If you’re having trouble with spam complaints though, you can switch over to double opt-in. You’ll have less confirmed opt-ins, but can build a more responsive list at a smaller size.

#7 – Create a branded header.

Emails that look like plain text convert just as well as branded emails from my experience. But having a branded header such as you see in the HTML version of my emails can reduce spam complaints.

It gives consistency to your emails so your readers know exactly who they are coming from.

#8 – Add an unsubscribe link to the top of your emails.

This isn’t where I’d start, but adding an unsubscribe link up top will have more people unsubscribe instead of hitting the spam button.

In addition, you could also give people an opportunity to change the frequency of emails they’re receiving instead of unsubscribing.

I talk about that little trick in the December issue of my Monthly Mentor Club which is currently available inside the membership area (this trick is on page 10 to 11).

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