Multiply profits today with a post-purchase upsell.

As soon as someone buys a product from you, offer them an additional related product or service for a discount price.

For example, one of my funnels offers a $10 product immediately after subscribers join my list. When someone purchases this product, they’re offered another related $27 product.

When you join the Monthly Mentor Club, you’re instantly offered a collection of back issues.

You earn additional profits with almost no additional work. Every visitor simply becomes more valuable to you.

You have more money to buy advertising. Affiliates earn more for each visitor they send.

If you’re not doing upsells, you’re leaving serious money on the table.

I’ve never seen complaints come in from one or two related upsells that expand on the initial purchase.

There is a point where you create ‘Upsell Hell’ for your visitors with too many upsells, but I’m not talking about that today.

This is simply about adding more money to your bottom line by better serving your customers.

Here are 7 quick and easy ideas to add an upsell to your current offers…

#1 – Reprint Rights

If you’re selling an information product, you could offer reprint rights in the upsell. For a set fee, buyers are able to sell your product to their customers.

The negative here is you do create competition for your offer, but you’re getting your message out to more people…and earning a premium price for the rights.

#2 – Additional Licenses

If you sell software, you can offer additional licenses. They get a license to use your software on one website for the main offer.

They get a “developer’s license” to use the software on as many of their websites or their client’s websites with the upsell.

#3 – Additional Copies

This is for physical products. You can offer additional bulk pricing if they buy multiple copies for themselves or their friends.

Perhaps you sell a 30 day’s supply of a supplement. They can add-on a 90 day supply for a discount price.

#4 – Coaching Sessions

Offer a coaching session or a series of coaching sessions as your upsell. Someone purchases your ebook, your software, or even your supplement. For an additional price, they can get one-on-one help to put it into practice.

This is a higher ticket upsell that requires almost no time to set-up and is likely to appeal to a portion of almost any audience.

#5 – Payments Into Full Purchase

If your first offer is split up into payments, your upsell could be for a ‘full buyout’ offer. For example, let’s say you offer a fixed term membership for 12 months. They purchase it for $29.95 a month. On your upsell you offer the entire year for just $199.

This would put more money in your pocket quickly (for more marketing) and a majority of the monthly customers wouldn’t have made it through all 12 months anyway.

#6 – Negotiate to Offer a Partner’s Product

If you have a trusted jv partner, you could offer their product as your upsell. I’ve set-up this type of deal with others before.

You don’t have an additional related product to offer, so you use theirs and split the money. You simply need to have good tracking and reporting in place to record the commissions.

#7 – Continuity Offer

Turn a one-time sale into ongoing income. Let’s say you sell an ebook upfront. You offer a free or low cost trial to an ongoing membership site.

You only need the first month’s worth of content ready to set this up. Selling continuity is often tough on the frontend, but it fits perfectly into an upsell process.

If you’re looking for more ideas on converting visitors into sales, earning more from each customer, and creating your own Internet Lifestyle…check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

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