With email, your long-term profits are proportional to how much of yourself you share…and how well you inspire your audience.

Position yourself as a trusted adviser by finding a story that is already in your life.

This is similar to finding a piece of stone. And then as a sculptor, you’re going to chip away at the stone until you reveal the beautiful image hiding underneath.

You have a “hero’s journey” story already that will attract and inspire your audience.

You just need to reveal it in all its glory.

Here are seven secrets to carving out that trusted adviser position with your emails…

1. Origin Story

How did you become what you are today? How did you end up in this business? What led you in this direction?

For Superman, it was his birth on Krypton, the death of his parents, and being sent to earth.

For me it was that debt, working as a pizza delivery driver, and then discovering the internet as a pathway out of this.

Jeff Bezos choose the name Amazon.com because he wanted a name to start with “A” so it would be first in alphabetical order and his goal was to create the world’s largest online seller to match the Amazon river which has the largest water flow in the world.

Take a close look at Amazon’s logo and you’ll see there is an arrow that looks like a smile from the A to the Z in its name. They carry everything from A to Z.

2. Parables

These are your core stories you educate with regularly. Every time something unusual or outstanding happens in your life, save the story. Write it down until you figure out how you can teach with it.

In the Bible you’ll see Jesus continually taught with parables. He would talk about fishing, farming, and building towers…all things the common people knew and understood.

What are your parables? Listen to any professional speaker and you’ll hear their signature stories. These could be “crucible” stories – or stories about great loss, pain, or hardship. For example, a cancer story, loss of a loved one, or serious accidents would be in this category. It could be a “near miss” as well that everyone can identify with.

Or it could be an embarrassing situation. You misunderstood someone or were humiliated in some way. Your great plan backfired. You can insert self-deprecating humor in this way.

It could be a short anecdote from your daily life. Perhaps someone said something you can share. You were mistreated at the local restaurant. Or you found a way to share a smile with someone who needed it.

It doesn’t even have to be your story. You could find myths, old stories you remember, or popular news. It could be a story someone else has told you. There is a whole series of books called “Chicken Soup for the ___ Soul” that’s all based on collected stories.

3. Feats of Strength

What are your superpowers? What have you accomplished in your own life and others? If you lose 100 pounds, that’s a FEAT!

My $96,250 in sales to my list at a live event is a feat. Selling my business and retiring for 1 and a half years at 30 is another one. Building the first internet marketing membership site which basically became a Who’s-Who of online marketers is another.

If you built the most successful dental practice in a 50 mile radius, that’s a feat. If you’ve appeared on 5 major TV news shows, that’s a feat. If you’ve conquered rheumatoid arthritis, that’s a feat.

Make a list of any relevant feats to your current market. You’ll want to regularly slide those in to your emails and promotions.

4. Enemy

Who or what is your archenemy? What is the desperate problem you want to see defeated and wiped out? Pain is a more powerful motivator than pleasure. What can you rally your audience behind as your movement?

For Dave Ramsey, that’s debt. Some people argue about the fact he tells you to pay off your mortgage after other debts are eliminated. But he HAS TO argue for mortgages to be paid off, because his enemy is debt.

Check out almost any popular diet and you’ll see there is an enemy. Atkins blames carbs. Paleo attacks any processed food. Vegetarians hate meat.

If you go into financial publications, it’s often the government that is the enemy. It’s the president. We can even put a face on it. He’s the problem.

5. Rules

What are your rules? Dave Ramsey has his 7 Baby Steps. Stephen Covey has his 7 Habits of Effective People. The Bible has 10 Commandments.

When you boil down what you teach, what are your primary principles and rules? How many of them are there – 7, 10, 21, etc.?

In a day where overwhelm is a primary problem in every market, this is a vital step.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

6. Testimonials

What do others say about you? This is another place where your email list comes in handy.

You can get testimonials for your free email list faster than you can for your products, because you’ll have more subscribers than buyers overall. Add an email into your sequence asking for people’s feedback and if you can quote them.

You can also employ name dropping where you list names of people you’ve worked with. This is a reason why doing interviews is so powerful.

You can connect with and get the halo effect from other experts in your industry, even if you’re just starting out. The same goes with photos. Use photos of you with any famous people you’ve met with.

7. Language

Every community has its own language. Every religion does also. Look at the internet marketing industry.

We talk about autoresponders, WordPress plugins, hosting, upsells, backend, and so on. I talk about the Internet Lifestyle. That’s all a part of our language as a group.

You could also invent some of your own language for your audience. Anthony Robbins has done one of the best jobs of anyone for this. He took NLP principles and applied his own language and application to them.

What words or phrases can you create or bring new meaning to? These will evolve and grow over time.

These 7 secrets will help you position yourself as a TRUSTED ADVISER in your market.

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