When I say salesperson, what immediately comes to mind?

Perhaps it’s the nightmare experience you had with the salesperson from Hell.

This is the type of person who has been trained in all the ‘closing techniques.’

They’re hyped up on coffee and motivational CDs.

And in their mind everyone must buy their product…whether it’s right for them or not.

They want their commission and that’s all there is to it.

Yes, I’ve met a few of those sales people.

I experienced one of them at a Ford dealership. This was years ago, but I remember it well today.

I choose the vehicle I wanted…picked out the options…and used an online system where you get quotes from multiple dealers. The best quote that came in was from a city about 45 minutes away.

But I wanted to support the local dealership so that’s where I went first.

As I drove onto the lot, the salespeople were circling like vultures.

I picked out the exact car on the lot that matched the description and retail price. A salesperson was over there almost immediately.

We went into his office to make the deal.

Cue the scary music at this point.

My wife already had a bad feeling about him…and she never even came in. She stayed in our other vehicle (we weren’t trading anything in).

It was the moment of truth. The sales person asked what my offer was. So I then told him he had to beat the quote form the other dealer (without revealing who the dealer was).

He looked surprised. And he asked me to fill out a form that said it gave you an extra $300 off. He was going to speak to the manager. I told him I’d wait till he got back, and if they could do the price I’d definitely fill it out for him.

When he got back, he was livid.

He said there was no way that price was real. It was a scam. I told him the deal looked good to me.

At this point, he got up and literally kicked his chair off…cursed…and stormed out of the room.

I guess we were done. So I got up and left.

It was a glass building, and my wife said she had never seen such childish behavior before!

I called up the other dealer and they had the car ready to go when I got there.

When I got their office, the salesperson immediately tells me he had made a mistake on the price.

I was about to get angry, but he immediately followed up that he was able to use an additional rebate instead.

They sold me the exact same car for $500 LESS than the original quote.

Let’s return to the question I started with…

When I say salesperson, what immediately comes to mind?

It’s not the chair kicking crybaby that I think of. He was just an amateur.

It’s the second salesperson who was a professional.

Like me, you’ve probably had both good and bad experiences with salespeople.

And your attitude about sales will often determine your success in life…and especially in business.

Money isn’t made in business until something is sold.

Persuasion is the ultimate skill for internet profits.

It’s your choice whether you master persuasion, or you continue to struggle.

In November’s issue of the Monthly Mentor Club I’m covering my most jealously guarded copywriting and conversion hacks.

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