Here are 7 quick hacks for getting more done in less time…

1) Work in Time Blocks.

I’m not into any complicated time management systems. I simply keep a list of what needs to be done to move my business forward and block out time for each of these activities.

It only takes a few minutes at the end of the day to plan out tomorrow’s time blocks. Maybe an hour to handle client emails. Perhaps 2 hours dedicated to writing my newsletter. Another hour for mindmapping an upcoming product.

I often joke that if it’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t exist. And personally, I like large blocks of times for specific activities.

2) Turn OFF Distractions.

I have no idea how some people work with the phone ringing, multiple instant messengers open, email, and numerous other distractions.

Turn it all off. Concentrate only on the activity you have scheduled for that time block. Plan a specific time to open email, social media, and anywhere else you respond to messages.

3) Stop Writing with the Brakes On

This is a biggie. Don’t edit while writing. Write first. Edit later. Otherwise, it will feel like you’re driving a car while hitting both the gas and brakes at the same time.

You move forward. You stutter to a stop. You write a little more. Then delete it all. You don’t get anywhere. Break these two steps apart. For me, writing is scheduled when I have more energy, and I edit after creative side needs a break for the day.

4) Manage Energy – Not Time.

When are you the most energetic and focused? That’s when I schedule my writing. Other activities can be scheduled as my energy declines.

It’s often not about how much time is available as it is how focused I can be during an activity (that’s why time blocks and eliminating distractions are so important). Get more done in less time by figuring out when you’re at your absolute best and capitalizing on it.

Build daily routines that serve you.

5) Create Deadlines.

Want to sell more of your products or services? Run a special offer with a hard deadline.

Want to motivate yourself to get more done? Create a deadline.

It’s even better if I commit the deadline to someone else. For example, if I create a product with a partner, I know they’re relying on me to get something done by a specific date. Or if I announce something publicly, now I’m on the line for finishing it by then.

6) Save Everything.

Reply to an email? Save it. It might become a newsletter. Come up with a unique strategy for a client? Record it immediately when you get off Zoom.

Keep a notebook of email and content ideas so you can write them down whenever they come to you.

Transcribe your webinar to create a book. Reuse your interview to create multiple short videos.

It’s amazing how well you can multiply your results just from having an attitude of never letting anything you do go to waste.

7) Reuse Copy.

The same rule can be applied to your sales copy. Have an intro that works? Reuse it. Have a headline that outperformed your others? Template it for other pages.

Reuse your guarantee and call-to-action on other websites. Keep the formatting the same and simply change out the benefits to what’s being offered in a new product.

It’s amazing how much time you can often save by editing what has already performed…compared to writing from scratch.

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