Let me tell you a story…

It’s about two online marketers named Mary and Linda.

Both had their own website.

Both used social media to attract visitors to their website.

And both concentrated on growing their email lists.

That’s where the similarity ended.

Mary was terrified of saying the wrong thing. She didn’t want to offend her audience. This kept her from sending many emails, because it’s so easy to offend nowadays.

She heard so many conflicting opinions.

Should she send an indoctrination sequence or maybe an engagement series or perhaps she needed to segment her list better first?

Overwhelm led to confusion and indecision.

She didn’t want to mess this up.

Days turned into weeks, and her list received only a few emails.

When she finally stirred up the courage to send something out, it was a weak, warmed over email that was easy to ignore. And the majority of her list had already forgotten about her.

Frustrated, she turned to promoting an affiliate program that had a series of emails you could use for their launch.

She sent them exactly as written. Nobody bought. The majority didn’t even open her messages, because they were the same ones sent by a dozen other affiliates.

Mary gave up in despair, “Nobody reads emails anymore!”

Contrast that with Linda.

She knew she would make mistakes. People would unsubscribe. And she might even get some nasty comments along the way.

Instead of mixing a bunch of disjointed ideas together, she decided to follow one proven system for email.

She started emailing her list several times per week.

It took her close to an hour to write her first few emails.

She wasn’t 100% certain she was doing it right, but she kept sending anyway.

She didn’t hear anything that first week. She saw opens but wasn’t sure anyone was listening.

Boom…a sale came in. Then another. And another.

She started by using templates. It felt a little stilted and not quite her yet.

But soon her voice started showing through.

She got more comfortable.

She identified a couple of unique elements about herself and the way she communicated.

She played those up even more.

She started feeling like the HERO she always knew was hidden inside of her.

Linda promoted the exact same affiliate launch as Mary. She reviewed the ‘email swipes’ that were provided. She took some of the benefits and bullets from them but redid the story in her own words and voice.

Sales flooded in…especially on the last day of the deadline.

That was only the beginning for Linda. The future looked brighter ever day…

As I close this story, think about Mary and Linda.

These experiences are common.

Which path will you follow?

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NOTE: The story of Mary and Linda was created based on experiences I’ve heard from dozens of online marketers over the years. You are likely to spot one or more characteristics from them if you’ve done marketing online for any period of time.

No matter which of them you identify with more, Autoresponder Alchemy can be your doorway to increased profits, freedom, and confidence online. Use it as a proven path just like thousands of others before you have done…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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