Titles matter.

This is true whether we’re talking about the title of a bestselling book, the name of your website, or your own unique methodology.

Even the name of your business or your own personal name can make a difference (this includes pen names).

E Haldeman-Julius was an author and publisher from the early 1900’s. He sold more than 200 million little 5 cent book.

When a book struggled to make sales, he would test a new title to see if he could breathe life into its sales.

For example, one book was called “The Mystery of the Iron Mask” and sold 11,000 copies in a year. He made a slight change in the title to “The Mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask” and it sold 30,000 copies that year. It’s not a book about a mask. It’s a book about a man in a mask. That adds more emotion to the story and builds on the curiosity.

“Gautier’s Fleece of Gold” sold 6,000 a year. He changed the title to “The Quest for a Blonde Mistress” and sold over 50,000 annually.

That’s 8 times as many books sold by making it more provocative.

How about this one? The “Art of Controversy” didn’t sell. Changing the title to “How To Argue Logically” sold 30,000 copies. That’s the familiar template of “How to…”

Even though these tests were done close to 100 years ago, your title is even more relevant today.

Technology changes, but human nature doesn’t.

Every marketplace is crowded today, and in some cases, your title is all you have to grab attention.

It is estimated that over one million new Kindle books are published on Amazon every year. Combine that with over 720,000 hours of new Youtube content every day.

Add in all the new courses, blog posts, emails, social media content, and everything else published…and it’s easy to see why customers are so overwhelmed.

Your title is even more important than it was in Halderman’s time because your customers are distracted by all the shiny objects.

It has to grab attention. It must be interesting. And when in doubt, be controversial also!

People judge your book by its title, but this isn’t just about book titles.

Your courses need attention grabbing titles.

You need names for the services you offer.

Naming your unique methodologies can set you apart from the competition.

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