Would this change your life?

It was in Jacksonville, Florida.

I was standing in front of 157 people at the Internet Marketing Bootcamp.

I was nervous.  My hands were trembling.

The promoter of the conference bragged about how the attendees would see a life changing demonstration.

They put me on stage at 9 AM on Friday.

The audience was shown the email that took me less than 30 minutes to write on the airplane.

I then clicked “send.”

It contained only 383 words.

I logged into my shopping cart multiple times throughout the weekend.

The sales were off the charts.

On Sunday afternoon, at the last login, we counted the order total.

There it was.

$96,250.  That comes out to $251.30 per word.

No joint venture partners.  No advertising.

People were astonished.

Never before had they seen such amazing results right in front of their eyes.

This Internet stuff is real.

And it was done by a college drop-out and former pizza delivery driver.

I earned more in ONE WEEKEND than I would have from about 6 YEARS of working in my old job.

I’m not saying you will get these kinds of results.

This was exceptional.

The average person earns little or nothing from the emails they send.

I don’t know you or what you will accomplish.

All I know is email is what set me free to live the Internet lifestyle.

Here’s all the “inner workings” of what works and what doesn’t for email today.


Here is what Steve Duce, an Internet Marketing Manager, said that day when he was in the audience….

“Terry, what you did at the Internet seminar in Jacksonville was incredible.  Twice now, I’ve seen you make an offer to your newsletter subscribers and each time you made over $30,000.  This last time, $96,250.

I see a lot of people who claim to make a lot of money online.  It’s a whole different ball game to be able to go before a crowd, send an offer, and actually ‘show’ everyone.

You told your subscribers you were only taking a limited number of orders.  No matter how much the crowd wanted you to keep going and break the $100,000 mark, you did what you said you would do and stopped the sales.

Terry, watching you generate $96,250 in person from one email was something I’ll never forget.”


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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