It’s easy to hate car dealers.

I’ve dealt with a few car sales people who fit the stereotypes.

They were pushy, in-your-face sales people who would say anything to get you to sign.

Nothing was too low or underhanded for them.

Using the Internet to make deals has made buying cars much more enjoyable for me.

But this email isn’t about my negative experiences buying cars.

It’s about good marketing you can copy today.

Car dealers are masters of a 3 letter word.


Everything they offer is always new and improved.

I drive a race red 5.0 Mustang, California Edition.

It’s gorgeous.

The roar of the 420 horses under the hood is like concert music to me.

My car is a 2013.

Look at that identifier.

There was a 2011 Mustang.

The 2012 Mustang is almost the same with only slight upgrades.

The 2013 Mustang added a new hood and a few other items, but it’s essentially the same also.

The 2014 Mustang has only minor tweaks that are barely even noticeable.

Every car manufacturer uses the model year for every car they offer.

We could go all the way back to 1965 to find Mustangs…and little adjustments every year until we reach today’s model.


You’re not buying the old model.

You’re buying the new and improved edition.

It’s a proven psychological tactic at work.

You want the NEW version.

It also gives them the opportunity to run rebates and discounts to clear the lot of the old models.

Bargain hunters flock to get the old version specials.

Enthusiasts can hardly wait for the new version.

Apple has mastered this.  They launch a new iPhone model and there are lines around the block.

This happens no matter how small the upgrade is.

Take a stroll down your nearest grocery store aisle.  Count how many products say new or improved on them.

Software comes in upgrade numbers such as 2.0 or Version 11.

You can do even do this with information products.  This isn’t the 2011 version.  It’s the 2014 one.

Customers flock to what’s new.

Update your products with a new version.  Let everyone know the new model is coming.

Use email to build excitement about the improvements…no matter how minor they may be.

“New” is just one of dozens of psychological tactics you can use in email to increase your income online.

“Autoresponder Alchemy” is like a being handed a complete roadmap of how to get from ground zero to earning income every day with easy-to-use email messages.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an old dog online like me.

This is what works online today.

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Terry Dean
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