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I love my clients.

They’re all great salt-of-the-earth type people who are accomplishing big things online.

My goal is to help each of them achieve their mission.

But at the same time, they often inspire me as well.

Some of the discussions I enjoy the most are when we talk about how to help more of their customers or clients achieve breakthroughs.

Yes, that’s a common topic, especially for several of my clients.

They truly care about their clients…and they’re never satisfied with ‘routine outcomes’.

I’m thinking of one client in particular.

He is always looking for additional ways to help more of his customers and clients implement.

It could be new emails for his onboarding sequence.

It can be setting up a private one-on-one call with one of his assistant coaches.

It included modifying the welcome message after new members login to tell them exactly what to do next.

He tracks how frequently his members interact with the content he provides them.

And he gives ways for his members to provide feedback about what they need and how well they’re accomplishing their goals.

I’ve seen the improvements this focus on amazing client outcomes has produced in his business.

His members achieve more, stay longer, and keep buying higher ticket offers at a much higher rate than you normally see in his market.

I find both his commitment and his results inspiring.

He refused to accept ‘good enough’ client outcomes.

I suggest we all have that same attitude.

Continually ask yourself, “What can I do to help more clients implement and achieve greater outcomes?”

The entire 6th module of Magnetic Mentoring is about this topic. And several of the other modules talk about it as well, especially when you’re putting together and packaging your systems.

It’s one of the reasons I emphasize Quick Wins.

If you can help a client solve a problem or achieve a goal quickly…even if it’s a small issue…it increases the likelihood they’ll continue to implement.

At the same time, you have to look for anywhere you could be creating overwhelm….and apply the 80/20 principle to help clients achieve more by focusing on the key steps that produce results.

The strategies you’ll soon discover apply to both one-on-one and group coaching.

For example, you can use my 3 fun exercises to help clients reach breakthroughs whether you’re brainstorming with one client or a small group.

They can also be used as a demonstration in a larger group.

Knowing how to ask the right questions and when to provide specific advice applies no matter who you’re coaching and in what format.

You’ll also receive specific direction for group coaching such as how to create a mastermind effect where members contribute and help each other.

And you’ll discover how to answer client questions in ways that benefit the entire group… not just the individual client you’re helping at the time.

Being a great coach requires you to actually CARE about your clients.

Do what’s right for them. And make it a personal goal to continually improve your skills to help them achieve amazing outcomes.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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