How many subscribers and buyers has sent you lately?

In 2017, Amazon accounted for 45.5% of all reported print book sales (according to Bookscan).

That number grew by 3.8% over the year before…meaning Amazon is dominating even more of the book market each year.

Amazon accounted for 83% of ebook sales in 2017.

They are king-of-the-hill.

They have 105 million members in Amazon Prime (estimate from CIRP).

That would be close to 82% of US households.

It seems like Google and Facebook get all the press.

But these are buyers. More than that. These are paid members.

When someone goes to Amazon, buying is on their mind.

They might not buy it from Amazon, but they’re at a minimum researching a purchase.

What are you doing to get in front of this huge buying audience?

A client attracts the majority of his buyers from Amazon.

He has multiple books and ebooks.

He runs Amazon ads. It’s amazing how low cost these are compared to most other forms of advertising…especially when you consider how your ad appears in front of people searching to make a purchase.

People download or buy his books.

Buyers follow the links in his books to join his email list.

We’re not talking a few little leads trickling in. This is about tens of thousands of new subscribers coming from Amazon.

Email magic goes into play.

Some buy from him in the first 30-days.

Others may be on his list for 6 months or more before they buy.

It’s amazing how little $4.99 purchases (or even free) can consistently turn into $495 and $1,995 sales.

We don’t often talk about Amazon as a lead generation source, but it’s amazing if you put the right systems in place.

In his case, it’s his best source of new leads.

And here’s what makes it so exciting.

His ebooks and books are profitable (more than paying for the ad expenses).

This means Amazon is paying him every month.

What if Amazon was paying you to generate leads for your products and services?

Of course, there are little tweaks that make this work all along the way.

There is a detailed special report inside the Monthly Mentor Club called “Kindle Cash: How to Attract Leads, Sales, and Clients From Kindle.”

It includes this full case study along with an audio interview.

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