A lot of people like to talk about the size of their list.

And yes, all things being equal, having 100,000 subscribers is better than having 10,000.

But things are rarely equal!

Which would you rather have?

100 VIP buyers who’ve spent $10,000 or more with you in the last 12 months…

100,000 subscriber list who haven’t been sold anything in last 12 months…

With the right mix of personality/content/mission, you can turn a portion of the large subscriber list into buyers.

But it’s not easy if the list is conditioned to just expect free information.

I’ve helped multiple clients do this over the years, and it’s emotionally painful for the list owner.

When they first start making good offers, they’re going to get complaints. They’re conditioned to everyone praising them for their generosity. Now they’re a greedy capitalist. They’re tempted to go back to their old methods where their list constantly reaffirms them even if they stay broke.

Many gurus tell you to run an indoctrination sequence when someone first joins your list. You’re told to hold off selling for a few weeks.

That’s a mistake.

I’ve tested this multiple times with clients in different markets.

Our best results come from offering a Lead Magnet that is directly related to the first product you offer.

And the best time to offer that product is immediately after opt-in.

For example, a tennis client offers a lead magnet showing a drill to improve your toss and then transitions into an offer for his full serve course.

He follows up with additional free videos and drills…and under each one is a link to his serve course.

When someone joins his list, they’re offered a new subscriber discount special on this course for a limited time. They get multiple drills to demonstrate the content and value. As the clock is ticking down on this evergreen special, the offer is pushed harder.

Do this correctly and you can build both a large subscriber list and a buyers list.

Another client recently added tens of thousands of new subscribers and turned a large portion of them into buyers immediately with a List Building Summit.

That’s where you partner with others in your industry and put on a content-rich free event.

Interview 10+ experts and offer a few of these recordings free each day for several days.

Subscribers who want permanent access to all the recordings plus bonuses are able to purchase even before the free event starts (that’s a key to making this profitable).

This client did a special interview with me about his Summit and why it was so successful.

You’ll get access to this interview in the November issue of the Monthly Mentor Club.

The print issue is called, “Big Buyer Lists FAST with Summits.”

It goes out November 1st. It will show you how to come up with your BIG IDEA, connect with experts, create an irresistible offer, put together your sales funnel, and give you a promotional email schedule.

You get this issue…the bonus mp3 audio interview…and all the special reports and videos inside the Club just for giving it a try…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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