There is a marketing sin committed every day online…that your prospects and customers will never forgive you for.

They’ll never forgive you because they won’t be paying attention to you any longer.

And this sin is rampant among bloggers and internet marketers in general.

The cardinal marketing sin is being BORING.

And I’m not just speaking to others here.  This is  one I personally struggle with.   I have the tendency to fall into this pit!

It comes from my desire to help people see just how important the basic foundations of our business are.  Do your research.  Create products that solve problems your customers are willing to pay for.  Use content to attract traffic.  Make the sale.  Follow-up and sell related items.

All along the way there are pitfalls which you have to watch out for, but the basics of a profitable business are there…in that simple set of steps.

And you’ll find this trend is true in most industries…the big mistakes people make are often in the foundational material.  They’re missing out on the basics that work (for example in exercise they’re not doing the most important exercises or not keeping accurate track of their calories).

Many times in working with one-on-one clients it’s some of those basics they were missing that immediately jumped their profits.  One website owner was frustrated with his Adwords account because he was generating a lot of sales but was just barely above breakeven after optimizing his account heavily.  The answer was to find the right backend offer in that case (we ended up testing several possibilities to find the right one).

In many cases it has been working on their initial email follow-up series or their landing page that generates the big breakthrough. 

So with all the excitement of hidden secrets and mysterious methods, the life changing action almost always come from one of the basics.

How do you liven it up?

1. Stories

This is where you mix in personal stories and examples.  If you’ve been reading my material for any length of time, you’ve likely learned quite a bit about me…that I love dogs, I collect strange objects, and I can’t stand the Florida drivers who pull out in front of you.   And with all of these I connect them to the message and what we can take away from it. 

2. Case Studies With Others

You can share real case studies and tests.  These ALWAYS grab attention…real results…no matter what your subject is.  If you had a golf site you could test a new golf club out on the range.   If you train cats (don’t they train you instead), you could talk about a new method you’re testing.  Give people the actual results of your test or someone else’s that’s been shared with you.

As a note here, when you’re promoting an affiliate product, this is often the absolute best way to go.  Put something to the test from the product.  Give the results.  Share your affiliate link.

3. Controversy

Are there myths in your industry?  I’m sure there are.  Attack those myths headon.  And the greater the myth and more prevalant it is, the better it works for this strategy. 

4. Lists

The benefit to a list of items is people can scan through them quickly…just looking for one or two tips that help them in their life.  You’ll notice I use a LOT of lists in my posts.  This is because I track my opens and clickthroughs…and on average the most consistently high open rate with my emails are the list posts.  They’re usually not the “biggest winners” but they’re consistently near the top. 

5. Popular Pop Culture

Relate a popular movie, TV show, or singer to your subject.  Connect with what the media is talking about in politics.  Part of what we do in marketing is to connect with the conversation already going on in our visitor’s mind…and then share our message all the way through to taking the right action.

How can you piggyback on news that is already happening and connect it to your offer.  Brainstorm some ideas here until you find some connection that fits to get started with.

If you’re series about earning more in your business while having way more fun…both in your daily activities and your marketing, check out the Monthly Mentor Club.  The current issue which you can still download in PDF format will show you how to improve all your marketing pieces with a simple review sheet anyone can use to make sure they covered all their primary conversion points.

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.