One of my coaching clients gave me a gift of ballroom dancing lessons last year.

I thought great…this will be fun. Neither Julie or I have any experience dancing, so why not go for it?

It was private instruction. And I felt he did a very good job of teaching. At least we did stop ramming into each other constantly after a couple of lessons.

We had fun. We liked the instructor. And the fees seemed reasonable. I thought to myself we’ll probably do this.

But then it came time for him to “sell” us on additional lessons to keep it going, he made the worst statement he could have ever made. He lost the sale with a single sentence…with no chance of redeeming it or getting it back.

Was he rude? Nope. Did he offend us? Nope.

He simply said, “This will be the hardest thing you have ever done.”

Are you kidding me?

Like I’d want to sign up for that…and pay for it!

No thank you.

After he said that, there was no chance whatsoever we’d sign up for more classes. He could have given free classes, made the most wonderful claims about what he could accomplish, or flattered us till the cows came home.

It was over. No chance.

I’m not sure if this line motivates some of his customers, and they say, “Wow…that’s awesome…a challenge!”

But for me it was simply, “No way I’m signing up for that!”

The words you use on your website are either leading people toward what you offer or away from it.

Those words he used shut it down completely in a moment when we had been considering it for every moment up till then.

The words you use are important, because there are emotional connections to them.

Let’s look a recent big “competition” taking place. Apple currently owns phone with their iPhone. Google launches the Android.

Watch the terminology each company uses.

The Android talks about how they have an OPEN system while the iPhone is a CLOSED system.

As you think about the connections you have with those terms, CLOSED seems so final. It’s restrictive. They’re purposely limiting you! While Android is open and allowing you more freedom. Who wouldn’t want more freedom over restrictions. But notice they didn’t say that…it’s just a few of the connections you could make with those phrases.

When Apple talks about the differences, they’ll say the iPhone is INTEGRATED while the Android is FRAGMENTED.

Isn’t this actually a similar message? Yet it repositions the discussion in a totally different light. Of course you would want everything integrated and working well together. Fragmented sounds horrible. Who would want that?

So the feelings about the same subject can be changed by just changing a few words. And the likelihood which one you connect with will have to do with your feelings toward those companies and their products already. So the words connect back into their brands.

What words are you currently using to describe your product or service? Do those words carry the emotional connection and meaning that you want?

One of your best investments would be picking up a great thesaurus or using one of the many online ones.

If you really want to see how much power there is here, listen to a politician some time. Don’t listen too long or you’ll waste a lot of energy listen to them talking in circles. But listen to how they phrase certain items such as “Health Care Reform.” Did you notice how that bill was really just about insurance and some extra business hassles and taxes. But the “Insurance Reform & Tax Bill” wouldn’t have had a lot of support I’d expect.

So they have to use words to position it the way they wanted. We’re in an election time coming up soon and political ads are full swing. They use names and words like this to motivate people, to get them angry, and to get them on their side against the “enemy.”

While I can’t stand politics in this country any more…I still always look for what you could pick up and learn from what happens.

It’s all about the words.

How are you using them?

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