LIst BuildingIn my last post I talked about the importance of building an email list.

Traffic techniques and online strategies will change.  Your email list can provide consistency in a wide and changing marketplace.  What could mean a disaster for someone else is just a small detour for you.

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Here are a few of the most common mistakes I see made when building your own list.

#1 – You’re unclear on your market.

Decide exactly who you want to attract before you start marketing your list.

Your goal is NEVER to collect everyone who will listen.  That simply means you’ll put together an incoherent message that doesn’t appeal to anyone.

Do your research.  Choose a market.  And then decide how you will specialize in that market.  Who will your attract and what are the biggest problems they’re willing to spend money to solve?

The better you can describe your perfect customer, the easier it is to write to them, attract them, and build a profitable list.

#2 – You haven’t focused on your message. 

What’s your contrarian message?  What in your market gets you passionate, excited, or angry?  What is being commonly said that you have to speak up about?

You feel like you absolutely can’t keep quiet about this anymore and must shout it from the rooftops.

You can’t expect to build a strong relationship with your list if you simply parrot what everyone else is constantly saying.  Where’s your unique content?  What’s your clear message?

#3 – You only send emails when you have something to sell.

I’ve been on lists where you don’t get a message for a month.  Then all of a sudden you get 5 messages in a row because there’s a big product launch going on.

No consistency whatsoever in their publishing.  And all the messages they do send are simply promotions without any value.

The best results have always been from a mixture of entertainment, content, and promotional messages.  Mix them in together at part of this recipe.

#4 – You don’t show any personality at all.

Some lists could be run by robots.  In fact, I’m convinced some are!  They appear to just collect RSS feeds of news and send those out.  No commentary and no style.

One of my clients just told me again the other day that he likes reading my emails and my ebooks because he can hear me speaking to him.

I simply write like I talk…warts and all.  Sure it annoys some readers, but it also attracts the audience that wants to connect with me.  You can’t please everyone.

#5 – You don’t give people a good reason to join your list.

OK, this one surprises me a little, but I still am asked to review a lot of sites who don’t give any kind of gift/bribe for subscribing.  This is especially true on blogs where it seems “join my list to get the most recent post” is still common.

Give people instant gratification.  This means a video, an audio, an ebook, or a Cheat sheet they can use for immediate results.  Even though you’re giving them something for free, you’ve still got to persuade them about the benefits you’re offering.

And don’t just give them some worthless ebook you picked up on the cheap.  Make it something you could sell.  What if you were required to sell your freebie for $19.95?  What would you do differently? How much more attention would you give to it?  And which benefits would you focus on more to get people to buy (or exchange their email address for it)?

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