Internet Marketing DisastersOnline it’s easy to get distracted.

You have email to check, Facebook friends to respond to, and blog posts galore to read for entertainment and content.

The Internet makes it easy to get lost.

Once you get serious about making money online, it gets even worse.  The moment you have a business running, you also have to think about traffic generation, creating content, and creating a dialogue with your visitors.  This is in addition to learning everything you need to do, keeping up with daily changes online, and keeping track of government regulations.

What if we listed all the ways you can generate traffic online today?

You get tired just thinking about it all!

If you want to succeed online today, you’ve got to focus. 

That’s probably the skillset I see in successful clients more than anything else.   They’re able to focus intensively on what they’re doing without distractions…at least for short periods.

And they know how to focus on the right priorities in their business also.

Back when I was first starting, I created an optin email list almost as a secondary element.  It seemed like a good idea at the time along with everything else I was doing.

But after about six months I realized that my income and the list were connected at the hip.  As the list grew, so did my income.  If I took attention away from my list and it starting sliding, then my income stagnated right along with it.

Basically anytime my focus was somewhere else, I took a DETOUR from my best producing strategy. 

No matter what else you’re doing online, one of your top priorities must be to develop a targeted list of subscribers and buyers.

The money is in a relationship with your list.

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Personally I’ve only detoured from the strategy several times.  I’ve never forgotten it.  Sadly, I’ve seen way too many entrepreneurs where this lack of focus became a disaster.

For example, maybe you’re building a site based totally on SEO.  What happens when the algorithms change and you don’t rank #1 anymore?  If you’re relying just on your daily traffic, you’re dead in the water.  If you’ve been building a list from the traffic, then you have an income source while you get your position back.

The drop in position simply becomes a detour instead of a disaster.

In the Internet world, change is constant.

Will the next change result in a detour or a disaster for you? 

It all comes back to the relationship you’re building with your list.

But many of the list building strategies we used years ago don’t work as well today.  You have to change your strategies to what’s working for building responsive lists in today’s internet world.

That’s why I’m excited to let you know about what one of my friends, Kathleen Gage, is doing this month.  We met in person last year at NAMS (Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems) although we have known each other for years online.

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Today she is releasing her first in a series of free training videos designed to share how to get started with list building, 7 proven strategies to build your list, and solutions to overcoming the common list building challenges everyone experiences.

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