Before I started online, I was BROKE.

We’re not talking just having month left over at the end of the money kind of broke.

We’re talking ‘Look through the couch to find change to go eat at McDonalds kind of broke. ‘

I was worth less as a young man in my 20s than a baby who was just born, because I was tens of thousands of dollars in the red on credit cards.

Although it sucks, the worst part of being broke isn’t even the lack of money.

It’s the mental roadblocks that start forming in your brain.

I was so lucky I had a wife that encouraged me and told me I could make this Internet thing work.

By that time, you would have thought she had given up on her loser husband.

Nope. She stayed supportive even when all signs said it was getting worse.

I bought my first PC on a credit card, no less. I got started online, and quickly started earning a few dollars here and there.

It doesn’t take much to replace a pizza delivery driver income.

But even though I went full-time fast, I still had a major mental barrier that held me back for years.

Since I was broke starting out, I was programmed to believe everyone else was broke also!

There’s no way anyone would buy something over $50 online!

And here’s the kicker. I had purchased some higher ticket products myself while setting up my business!

Talk about cognitive dissonance.

Sure, I was selling a lot of low ticket products. I had a full-time income. And life was good.

But I was leaving a lot of money on the table…AND I was selling my customers short!

See, there is a portion of your audience who doesn’t just want an “ebook.” They don’t just want basic information. Instead, they want personal help. Or they want to be part of a group.

Or perhaps they even want you to do it for them!

The first time I went higher ticket was with a set of videos. Plus I added in dozens of website templates. And even threw in a bonus consultation (which very people even used).

I jumped way past the $100 barrier which I thought would hold me back all the way up to $495.

It created my first $30k+ weekend.

It also shocked me! Who would have known there was an audience who wanted a step-by-step solution with tools and help…and were willing to pay a fair price for it?

Are you being held back by a similar mental roadblock?

If I mention selling something for $500, $1,000, or even $5,000…does it scare you?

It shouldn’t.

Often, it’s even EASIER to sell higher ticket offers than ‘cheap products.’

The higher price allows you to focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience. And you can deliver a premium product or service. You don’t have to cut corners or deliver shoddy work. And you have the budget to pay for advertising.

Not only that, but the premium price allows you to use much more powerful strategies such as getting on the phone with clients…and finding out exactly how you can best help them. It’s personalized help.

Of course you’ve got to be able to deliver the goods!

But you should be able to do that before you start taking money for your low cost item also.

What’s stopping you right now from developing a premium version of what you offer?

This is a product or service that delivers on the end benefits your customers want in the most efficient way possible. It may not be right for all of them, but there is a portion of your list looking for the best answer to the problem.

It could mean you do it for them…or you bring together a team of experts who deliver a service for them (no one said you have to be the person delivering the service).

Or it could be a group coaching program…or one-on-one help.

In a physical product business, it could the ‘complete package’ or “whole enchilada’ deal of everything you offer right now.

When working with clients today, I often have them start thinking at the top of the funnel. What is their premium offering…that best solves the customer’s problems or fulfills their desires?

Once you figure that out, you can work backwards into the other products and solutions you offer.

This is ONE of the mental barriers that could be holding you back.

What other mental roadblocks are sabotaging your income?

I was recently interviewed by Katie Goode, a life coach who helps women entrepreneurs break through their hidden limits, multiply their income, and bring fun back into their lives.

It’s part of a series of 21 interviews with experts discussing the mental roadblocks stopping you from succeeding in your business.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.