I was flat broke when I started online.

Worse than that, I was in debt and getting further behind every month.

When creditors are calling you…and even calling your parents who live across town…that’s NOT a fun experience!

But the worst part is being broke invaded my mindset.

I thought everyone else was as broke as me.

So, I sold all my products cheap.

It took years before I created any larger products which sold for more money.

And even after years of experience, the first time I wrote copy for someone else, I only charged them $300 for a full sales letter.

I don’t remember how many hours it took to write that copy, but I probably earned just a little over minimum wage.

I see a lot of people making the same mistakes.

They sell $3 to $10 products.

Or they sell their time for dirt cheap.

That’s OK if you’re investing to acquire customers…and you have a system in place to sell higher value products on the backend.

And it’s fine to offer your service at low cost in the beginning to build up some case studies.

But you don’t want to get stuck there!

Here’s a sentence I’ve heard many times before, “My customers don’t have any money.”

Don’t say that!

You’re programming yourself for failure.

First of all, it’s probably not true.

There may be a portion of your audience that doesn’t have a lot of money.

But often there is segment of them which has money…and is willing to invest it if you can solve a big problem for them (or help them reach a big desire).

A client and I just discussed this topic recently.

His front-end is a product with a $1 trial where they pay two monthly payments of $99.

There are quite a few people who cancel the trial before the first payment (although an even higher percentage pay for the full course).

Some of the people who cancel complain they just don’t have any money.

But the campaign is profitable on the front-end alone…and rolling out to larger audiences.

Plus, there is a segment of the audience who also upgrades to higher ticket direct coaching with him.

We looked at the numbers and it’s possible to narrow his targeting to only hit people with higher incomes, but that would also restrict his growth.

He would earn less money overall.

I have another client that is selling an $18,000 service…without any other offers currently.

In this case, we discussed a narrow, very targeted advertising approach…and a funnel that will qualify prospects to limit the number they speak to on the phone.

Those are two different approaches…but in both cases they have higher ticket offers.

You might go for the higher ticket sale immediately, or you might use the ascension model where customers buy lower ticket offers first and a portion of them upgrade to your higher value offers.

Both funnels work.

One of the most dangerous things new marketers do is copy only a portion of a competitor’s funnel. They see a $10 book and think that’s the profit center.

More likely it’s a loss leader used to attract new customers.

If you copy their front-end only, you’d lose money hand-over-fist because you don’t see the real business model going on behind the scenes.

My Internet Lifestyle Retirement System course will show you how to quickly create high-value products quickly…and create profitable funnels for them.

There’s a lot more to it than just creating a product and putting up a website.

But this guide takes you step-by-step through the process…and gets you up and running fast…


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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