authentic life and internet moneyAre you satisfied with the status quo?

Are you happy with the normal routine?

What if you could change anything about your life, what would it be?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about changes occurring in the world today.

Unemployment is up.  Debts are increasing.  Politicians are brutal with each up.

There is a lot of negatively overall in the current climate.  And the majority of the warfare going on in these arenas is all about preserving the status quo.

At the same time I see many groups which are reassessing how they value themselves and each other.

You have the minimalist movement where people are eliminating clutter and the attachment to too many possessions.

Others are shooting for early retirement or partial retirement early to further enjoy life.

The 4 hour week book by Tim Ferris has encouraged people to life the lifestyle of “new rich” where you take time off to enjoy life now instead of just waiting till some far flung retirement.

And you have those who are becoming expats and living in other countries long-term.

Those are just some of the movements I’ve been reading more about lately.

Each has their extremes…for example I’ve seen a few “minimalists” who were proud of their ability to survive with less than 50 possessions (while that same time sleeping on their friend’s couch, eating their food).

They all show the value that people are expanding how they think about their place in this world.

The Internet has given us choices that weren’t as available years ago. 

I’ve always talked about how the Internet Lifestyle means you choose who you work with, when you work, and with whom you work.

You can build an authentic lifestyle that fits you.

I’ve worked with clients who had a goal of building a LARGE business and in house team of dozens of employees in a million dollar operation.  And I’ve also had clients who simply wanted to get to $5,000 a month…and they wanted to do it with the least hassle as possible.

What if you tried to have both of those people build the same business?

No one would be happy!

One person wants to spend more time with their kids and go to all their games while living in the suburbs.  Another wants to stay single and travel the world, visiting a new location every month.

Both are possible today with an online business.

But the big question becomes, what is it you personally want?

What is an authentic lifestyle for you?

We’re not talking about the life your parents had.  Nor is it about how your friends live.  It’s not about the neighbor has or doesn’t have.

It’s about what’s right for you.

And at the same time, everyone has talents and skills they can share with the world.

Succeeding online is not about becoming a jack of all trades.  It’s about mastering a skill so well that you could do it professionally.

That could be writing, copywriting, video creation, Adwords, media buying, SEO, etc. But find your skill.  Concentrate on it.  Study everything you can about it.  Practice it.

And become a master at it.

This is part of the value you bring to world.

How can you share with others?

And what is it you really want out of life yourself?

Combine those to start living an authentic internet lifestyle.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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