easy to forgetIf you’re easy to forget, then that’s exactly what you’ll get.  You’ll be forgotten.

What is your big hook…your big WOW moment…or your big unique promise no one else can match?

There’s a saying in marketing.  People can love you.  They can hate you.  But don’t let them ignore you.

Whenever I’m working with a client, we always try to find their big hook that makes a visitor say, “What did they just say?”

Because your visitor is gone the moment they say, “I’ve heard that before…”

And once they’re gone, it’s out of sight and out of mind.  You’re forgotten that easy.  All that time and expense of getting a visitor to your website and they’re gone in seconds.

This applies to your product, your website, your blog, etc.

Attention is a valuable commodity today.

Grab it and hold on to it by telling them a story that’s tough to ignore.

Here’s the problem.  Most times you’re so entrenched in the subject, and you know what happened so well, that it’s hard to pinpoint the BIG STORY from normal daily life.

That’s why you should have someone else interview you about your business.  Have them with honest curiosity ask you questions about what you do and why.

They’re much more likely to catch the interesting elements that just seem routine to you now.

Here are some questions to start digging out that story:

What caused you to get into this business?

Let’s be more specific, what specifically happened that caused you to start this business?

Why did you create this product you’re selling?  What or who was its inspiration?

How did you develop the knowledge you have about this subject – what have you went through to learn it?

Any interesting or unique stories that occurred while creating this product…or even while brainstorming it?

Who is your perfect target customer (the 20% that produces 80% of the profits)?

What is the end emotional benefit of your product?

How does your product deliver on the emotional benefit better than any of the competition?

What is your vision for making the world (or the life of your customers) a better place?

What is it about your business that you’re most passionate about?

If the person interviewing is genuinely curious, they can ask you other related questions to keep digging for that story.

I’ll be talking to a client something outrageous pops out of their mouth.  My next expression is, “You did WHAT?”

That’s what you’re looking for.  That’s how you grab attention in a competitive market.

Whenever I’m talking to beginners, they’re always looking for that mystical market with zero competition.  Stop it.  That’s the wrong direction.

Instead look for a competitive market where people are already spending money.  Plant your flag with an attention grabbing story or offer.  Perhaps specialize in a segment of that market.

And start kicking butt!

Don’t run from competition.  Look at fast food restaurants.  You’ll see them all in a row side-by-side.

You just need your hook to stand out in the competitive marketplace.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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