customers buy resultsAs an information business, what should you offer?  Is it ebooks, books, audios, videos, membership sites, etc.?

The answer is all the above, BUT keep this principle in mind.

People don’t buy information.  They buy results.

They don’t want to have to sit down and study your product.  They’re willing to do that if they want a solution to their problem bad enough, but it’s not what they’d really want.

What they’d really want is for someone to just do it all for them.

I remember listening to Dan Kennedy years ago as he talked about the magic wand solution.  Basically this means that your prospects want a solution as close to a magic want as possible.

If they need to lose 30 pounds, you wave the magic wand and 30 pounds just disappears.  They want traffic to their website.  You wave your magic wand and 10,000 people show up.  They want to grow nice ripe tomatoes.  You wave your magic wand and the biggest juiciest tomatoes appear in their yard.

The closer your product solution is to the magic wand, the easier it is to sell to the majority of the audience.

The more they have to learn (the word learn itself is often a negative word that hurts response), and the more they have to do to experience the results…the less likely they will be interested in your solution.

It’s a sad fact, but it’s the reality.

Everybody buys from you because you help them reach the results they want quicker, easier, and with less effort.

It’s as simple as that.

If you include templates and done-for-you items in with what you sell, you will immediately increase your conversion.

And if you want to go to the next level, you should consider a completely done-for-you service.   Any of my clients offering to do-it-for-their-customers is kicking some major butt right now.

This means you manage their PPC for them instead of just teaching them how to do it.  You write their ads for them instead of just teaching them how to do it.

If they’re trying to lose weight, you obviously can’t go to their house and eat their food for them.  Well you could, but that won’t solve the problem!

What you could do though is work with them to design the exact diet they should eat personally.  OR you could even promote as a joint venture one of the many meal services out there that cooks and delivers all their meals to them already measured and ready to eat.

You’re already teaching people about your subject.  How can you integrate some type of done-for-you service in with it?

Ask yourself a few questions…

What is the end promise?

How can you make reaching that promise easier?

How can you make reaching that promise quicker?

What roadblocks hold customers back from success?

What else have people asked for?

What could be a premium “diamond” version of your offer?

If you had to sell your product for $10,000, what could you include?

Could you use your system and hire someone to do the work for them?

In the majority of markets you will be able to think of at least one potential done-for-you service, if not more.  Let’s say you sell do-it-yourself plans for outdoor furniture.  You could also partner with someone who creates these and sells them.

There is always a portion of your audience which is willing to pay a premium price to save themselves all the hassles.  Often your greatest profits will be found by serving this “small” hyper responsive portion of the market.

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