internet marketing planGo down to your neighborhood ice cream shop.

Baskin Robbins…yumm.  You look on their board and see they have new flavors available.  As you look them over, they offer you a SAMPLE in a little cup to try out.

It’s nowhere near enough.  It’s not going to fill you up.

If you like the flavor, all it’s going to do is make you want more!

If they gave you a whole cone of it, you’d be full and wouldn’t want anymore.

And this is the much BIGGER error I see when coaching clients.  Rarely do I consult with someone who isn’t giving enough education.  Much more often they’re giving away TOO MUCH.

Their customers go away satisfied and full from the content they provided them.  Their appetite for consumption was filled up because they solved the problem.

Here’s the rule.  Your free content should not solve the problem.  And if it does solve a problem, it must identify a new one they may not have known they had.

Jimmy Brown has a phrase he uses.  He says content should be useful, but incomplete.

This means your content has value and it is useful on the subject, but it never “fills them up” like the ice cream above.

Instead the content should lead them to the next step in the sales process – the product you’re offering.  It’s just a TASTE of the good things provided to customers.

The connection of the content to the product should be NATURAL.   For example, let’s say I was selling a service where I wrote your autoresponder messages for you.  That would NATURALLY fit into this place.  Since I’ve been teaching the subject, giving examples, and explaining what your site needs to do, that’s what I could sell in this space.

The purpose of free content is to take people by the hand and gently lead them to the offer.

Content + Related Recommendation = Money

Let’s say I write an article or an email about how to build an email list.  I could give really good content on this subject and tell someone exactly how to build their email list.

But that leads us to another issue.  They need an autoresponder to manage that list.  So I could sign up as an affiliate and promote that autoresponder, explaining why it’s the best choice.  Or I could create a product about how to create emails that make money.

The freebie on list building naturally leads into that product also.  Instead of telling you all about how to build a list, instead I could give you one simple way to build your list, and then sell a product with 21 more ways to build your list.

The key to this last one though is I can’t give too many techniques away…AND the technique I give you needs to surprise you.  It needs to be something you didn’t know before. 

You have to say, “Wow…I didn’t know that one.  I wonder what other techniques he has in store for me.”

Notice what I just did there?  CURIOSITY.

Curiosity is one of the chief buying motivators if you’re selling information.  You can’t lose it.  If you’re in the business of selling information, your free content can’t reveal your hand.

It would be like playing poker with a mirror behind you the whole time.  And you wonder why you’re losing?

If you’re selling a non-information product, the job is much easier.  As I mentioned above, if I owned the autoresponder service or concentrated on simply making money as an affiliate with them, I could teach almost anything related to list building or maximizing the value of your list.

Although all my examples would of course be about and from users of my service…and many would point to unique benefits of my service.

What are you selling and how can your content pre-sell for you?

Let’s say you sell gardening products.  This means you could teach anything related to gardening, but you would regularly hook in specific products (and their benefits) into the articles you’re writing.  You’d link over to the special fertilizer you use.  You’d mention how useful this unique tool is.

Now let’s change it and say you sell an ebook on gardening, growing the best roses someone has ever seen.  What are your articles about now?  You can still include tips and tools you use.  You can still talk about what and how you do it.

What you can’t do is give them the exact plan and checklist you use.  They would have to piecemeal it and try to figure it out by finding and connecting all your articles together if they didn’t want to buy your ebook.

And they’d never get the printable checklists that are exclusive to your ebook.

The bottom line is almost any information can be found if someone is willing to invest months or even years to sort through all the junk online to get to it.

They pay for information to satisfy their curiosity, save themselves time, and have confidence in the the systems they ordered. 

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