This is the time of year everyone is talking about New Year’s resolutions and new goals for their life.

But the fact is…most people will have given up on their resolution by the end of this month.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s weight loss, getting out of debt, or growing your web business.

My expertise is helping business owners earn more from the Internet by targeting their audience, increasing their traffic, and converting visitors into sales.

The big mistake many beginners make here is they set a New Year’s resolution of earning $100,000 this year.

There’s really nothing wrong with that, but it’s NOT an effective motivator if you’re just starting out.

Keep your big goals. Make them even larger. Shoot for a million a year within the next 3 – 5 years.

Here’s the problem. When you think about these big goals, they’re great. But there are so many steps involved, they overwhelm you.

Fear sets in. It’s hard to make all the changes required.

Keep your big goals, but add BABY STEPS also.

When you start thinking about everything you have to do to take a business from $0 to $100,000…It’s scary!

It terrifies you if your current job only pays $30,000 a year.

More than triple your income doing something you’ve never done before while learning what almost seems like a foreign language!

Instead, a baby step is to go after your very first sale this week.

How can you get just 1 sale?

If you have an email list, you would write and send out an offer to your list.

If you don’t have a list yet, your path may be to simply set up your first optin page with a thank you page that promotes a low cost affiliate offer.

Then you drive traffic to your new optin page by placing your first solo ad.

Your very first sale comes in…and you’re building an email list.

To generate more sales, you simply run more solo ads. Plus you start building a relationship with your email list.

If you’re already earning $5,000 a month from your website, set a goal of earning an additional $500 this month.

The easiest path to this for most websites is improving your conversion of visitors into income.

Change your headline. Add value to your offer. Test a different price point. Add more proof to the page.

I’m not discounting radical changes where you double or triple your income overnight.

Those are exciting!

But I’ve seen way too many people paralyzed by fear and inaction…as they brainstorm how to create those “overnight” transformations for years.

Instead of taking baby steps, they’re preparing for marathon…and they’re still preparing a year later.

You’re much more likely to stumble upon a breakthrough by accident simply because you’re doing the baby steps to improve your business every week.

Let’s say we have two batters.

One studies everything he can about baseball. He watches videos. He visualizes the home run swing every morning.

He prepares himself until he knows exactly what to do.

He steps up to bat and takes one swing.

The second batter doesn’t do any of that. Sure he takes advice from others.

But he steps up to bat with faults in his technique. He swings. He misses way more than he hits.

He keeps practicing and keeps swinging.

Who has the better chance of hitting a home run this year?

It’s the one who takes more tries at bat.

Is 2013 the year that transforms your life?

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Make 2013 your year.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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