How many new customers did you buy today?

Did 1, 10, 100, or even 1,000 brand new customers purchase from you this past week?

How much did each of them cost?

That’s right. Every new customer has a cost.

It could be paid ads such as Adwords, Bing, Facebook PPC, solo ads, banners, etc.

Or it could be so-called ‘free’ ads such as seo, social media, or publicity. The currency may not have been dollars out of your pocket, but it costs time to create the content and relationships…and time is your most valuable resource.

Time is always ticking away. One of the secrets to increasing your income online is leveraging your time by earning more for each hour you invest.

Every new customer has a cost.

The question is how much does each cost you?

Perhaps each new customer is costing you $50 right now.

And perhaps your first sale averages $20. You’re losing $30 for every new customer.

A lot of people would jump ship and try something else. BUT that’s one of the reasons so few succeed at claiming their dream Internet Lifestyle.

A much smarter approach is to optimize your funnel.

Decrease your advertising cost by writing better ads or improving the targeting. Your cost per customer drops to $40.

Increase the conversion of your website. This drops your cost per sale by another 20% to $32.

Add a one-time offer immediately after the sale…increasing the customer value to $30. Add a 2nd one-time offer for another $10 for a total of $40.

Now customers cost you $32 and they’re worth $40.

But we’re not done…not by a longshot.

Now your email follow-up sequence starts for additional products and services.

You plug-in a direct mail campaign to customers for a backend service.

Perhaps you run a series of webinars for joint venture partners.

All this multiplies your customer value. And we’re not even talking about the lifetime value of those customers. We’re only thinking about the first 30 to 90 days here.

The secret to buying more new customers is optimizing every step in your funnel.

Quit wasting your life desperately searching for ‘cheap’ sources of traffic.

The millionaire entrepreneurs I work with instead focus on constantly pulling greater profits even from ‘expensive’ sources of traffic.

The January issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about plug-in profit funnels for infopreneurs, affiliates, coaches, consultants, and ecommerce websites.

The issue has already went to print, but you can still claim your PDF copy inside the membership area immediately.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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