I’m all for big visions, but they can also be a barrier to your success.

Recently I spoke to someone who had a big plan for what he wanted to accomplish.

That’s common. Entrepreneurs are visionaries.

The problem was confusion.

All the pieces in his plan made it overwhelming. There were multiple audiences, angles, and possibilities.

He was stuck, because he didn’t know where to get started.

His vision was huge and complex. It was difficult for him to explain.

It took some discussion before I realized he was trying to stuff a 20+ year vision into today’s plan.

No wonder he was frustrated.

We had to sort through the options, and then choose ONE aspect for him to focus on now.

Identify the right audience for that offer.

Give him a plan to immerse himself in that community so he could get to know their needs and wants.

Once he fully understands that audience, he can create a minimum viable offer.

That’s the first version of your offer.

It’s not perfect.

It’s not everything you dream it to be.

But it can help your buyers solve a Desperate Problem.

It’s something you can get out into the market and start testing.

See how the audience responds.

Get some customers.

Hear feedback.

Improve the solution.

And keep moving forward.

It’s easy to get lost in your dreams.

But if that’s all you do, you won’t build anything of value.

No plan survives first contact with the enemy.

It’s scary to take action and start implementing.

It’s messy too.

But you need to get something launched and out there.

Modify it. Improve the product. Test the copy. Add to the funnel.

Take your minimum viable offer and turn it into a real business.

Don’t try to copy a business that has been online for the last decade.

You’ll go crazy! And you’ll likely focus on the minutia.

That business you admire…they had to get started just like you.

Their business may be incredibly complex at this point.

But it didn’t start there.

It started with a hungry audience and an offer they wanted to buy.

I don’t know where you are in your online journey.

You may be in the dreaming stage.

Or you may already have a clear idea for an audience and an offer.

You may have your website up.

And you might already be making some sales, but you’re still not achieving the goals you want.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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