Theory doesn’t make money.

Would it surprise you to know that often the 7-figure plus entrepreneurs I work with know the least ‘internet marketing tactics?’

Yet, the person who is struggling to get their business off the ground often knows a bunch of the most recent, advanced flavor of the month tactics available.

The millionaire is focused on the most important elements.

They know their audience.

They’ve put together an irresistible offer for that audience.

They share a clear, consistent message about what that offer will do for the audience.

Everything else is details.

And they often have coaches like me, ad managers, website designers, copywriters, etc. who stay on top of the best tactics for reaching a larger audience with their offer.

Too many beginners are enamored with never-before-seen ninja secrets to getting cheap traffic or using ‘mind control’ to get people to buy stuff.

They’re blind to what really matters.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone just getting started.

Some are following the right path of audience, offer, and copy.

But if this shoe fits, kick it off. It doesn’t have to belong to you.

I was coaching a client recently who may be in the process of selling a portion of his business for an 8-figure payday.

We were discussing how getting the website to its current conversion level has taken years.

He’s optimized the majority of it over time, little by little.

Rarely were there big ‘breakthroughs.’ Instead each change added a little more to the bottom line.

But from the very beginning, he has had a clear audience.

He created an irresistible offer that stood out from the competition (although over time competitors have copied him which means those little optimizations are even more important).

And we’ve modified the copy to speak directly to his audience about what’s most important to them.

He’s had the same core offers for more than a decade.

Compare this to the merry-go-round many online entrepreneurs appear to be on.

It seems like they’re always going back to the drawing board to find something ‘new.’

What they were doing isn’t working anymore.

The loopholes they were taking advantage of have been closed.

Their business is only as good as their next launch.

Where is the equity in that? Sure, they’ve built a customer list. That’s valuable!

But it has to be a scary existence to keep going in circles, desperate to find the ‘new’ thing.

My advice…

Find your hungry buying audience.

Create an irresistible evergreen offer for them…that you can keep building, improving, and growing for years (even decades).

There’s a special report inside the Monthly Mentor Club called, “Irresistible Offers: Proven Step-By-Step Formula for Creating Irresistible Offers.

It gives you an 8-step formula for coming up with an irresistible offer that turbo charges your conversion and puts the competition to shame.

You can find it inside the Special Report Library tab in the top navigation.

And of course, this is just one of dozens of reports inside the Club designed to help you Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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