I was recently asked a question about ergonomics, standing desks, and how to keep from getting rusty from sitting too long.

As a starting point, I use an ergonomic Aeron PostureFit chair.

I have not personally used a standing desk, but I have considered it multiple times.

That’s because several of my clients have reported using them.

And in general, they’ve been happy with them once they find the right fit. A standing desk combined with a treadmill can also help you get fit at the same time.

My own strategy is to move around, take breaks, and change the scenery.

For example, I’ll commonly work an hour or two in the morning. Then I’ll exercise in my home gym, have breakfast, and play with Thor.

Another couple of hours of work till lunch, making sure to take a 5 to 10 minute break at least every hour.

There is a large 4×6 whiteboard on my wall where I do a lot of my brainstorming…usually as I roam randomly around the house in between ideas.

I have a headset for talking to clients…and only stay in front of the computer if I’m looking at something they want to review and edit with them.

If we’re brainstorming or coming up with strategies for their business, I’m off again moving around the house.

I didn’t consciously start doing this. It just happened with creative type work.

There are times where I’ll even get up and roam off while writing to prepare for the next section.

Steve Jobs was known for doing walking meetings. And there was a study by Stanford in 2014 that walking could boost creativity by up to 60%.

Here’s another weird method behind my madness.

When it comes time to write something in-depth such as my step-by-step letters for Monthly Mentor Club members, I rarely do it on my desktop. Instead, I have a ‘writing’ laptop.

I grab it and move to the recliner, or standing at the island in the kitchen, or my favorite spot is in the screened in lanai in my private backyard.

There’s no way you’ll catch me out there in the middle of the day in the summer time in Florida, but we’re soon coming into gorgeous fall and winter where I spend a lot more time out back.

Take breaks. Exercise. Get up and move. Change the scenery.

Have FUN. There’s no substitute of having fun. It’s tough to experience breakthroughs when you’re a sourpuss or burdened down by problems.

Laugh. Joke around. When brainstorming, ask yourself how you could totally ruin your project. Write down some crazy stuff.

Moving around and having fun puts you in position to receive some of your best ideas.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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