business opportunity ideasMost business opportunity ideas are dead on arrival.

They never had a chance.

What do most of them do?   They hand a complete system that they claim removes all thinking from the equation.

Just sell these exact products.  Run these exact ads.  Wait for money to come in.

Yet people quickly find out this doesn’t work all too well online.  Because if you sell the exact same products as Joe, then the visitors can easily search for the products and buy from Joe instead of you.   You are left with no competitive advantage.  Why should someone buy from you instead of Joe if everything is the same?

I ran into those issues even when selling products I had licensed from others.   You know what happens to most products where there are licenses available?  Eventually they start being sold for a bare minimum price as the license holders compete with each other on price only.

My solution whenever I’ve licensed a product I wanted to sell was to add something unique of my own to the offer, change the sales copy, or find additional bonus and other gifts to make the deal stand apart.

But that requires you to leave the simple path they laid out for you.  You have to do something a little unique from the competition…especially in the Internet Age.

This is a big barrier for those who want to make money promoting affiliate programs also.  They join an affiliate program and then just want to run the stock ads directly to the affiliate site.

Soon they get their Google account canceled or they find their advertising isn’t making sales like they wanted.

The affiliates who are successful build their own preselling landing pages.  Those who go into advertising work hard to find the right combo of ads, target audiences, and presales pages to make a profit.  Those who decide to go the content marketing route pump out articles, videos, and blog posts to grab traffic all directing them into the affiliate pages.

Neither one just sits around running the ads provided to them.

Or of course, the best way to make money from affiliate programs is to build your own list and audience.  Then you can promote whatever benefits your audience.  But this of course means BUILDING your audience.

People who look at internet business as a “business opportunity” never stand a chance.

This led me to thinking about franchise buyers (who are buying a complete business system), and why they are so much more successful than business opportunity seekers online.

Why is this?  It think it is because of a major difference.

Franchises cost a TON more money.

This means the buyers are much more serious about the business they’re starting.

They research the opportunity every way they can.  They talk to others in the market.  They KNOW they’re likely to work long hours in the business getting it setup and running.

They see real numbers of how long it has taken others to turn a profit in the business.  So they have realistic expectations about what is possible.

Then when they make their decision…they work the business.

Because of the expense involved, they don’t have the ability to quit after a week and “try something else.”  They’re forced to keep working at it and master the systems they’re using.

How many people in business opportunities do you see with the same attitude?

Not many…

That’s why I always tell people internet business is NOT a business opportunity.  It’s not even a franchise, because there is no foolproof plan to follow.

Even though someone can give you detailed systems for generating traffic or for converting visitors into sales, they aren’t going to choose the right market for you…or do all the work for you.

You have to apply your skills…your knowledge…and your work ethic to make it work.

If you’re looking for a business opportunity guaranteed to make you money without any work, please save your money and turn off your browser now.  You’re just setting yourself up for heartache and an empty bank account.  There are many people ready to take your money.

I’m not one of them.

But if you’re serious about building a real business, and doing what it takes, I highly recommend you check out the Internet Lifestyle System that covers the systems people like I use to build multiple income streams working from home.  It’s a business I love, but it’s still a business…not a “business opportunity.”

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