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Welly Mulia Replaced His Job Online

Today’s post is a little different because it’s an interview I did with Welly Mulia.  He recently was able to replace his job with his online income.

What’s most exciting is he is from Indonesia which does give him a few disadvantages since English is his second language.  Read what he has to say about how he did it, and what you can copy from him.

1. Could you tell me a little about your background, where you’re from, and how that has affected your internet business?

Hello Terry’s readers, my name is Welly Mulia and I’m from Indonesia, a country in South East Asia and just beside Singapore.

I went to college in the US, and while there, I studied Management Information Systems. After graduation, I had a hard time finding a job. To put it bluntly, nobody wanted to hire me.

Hence, I went back to my country Indonesia and it took me almost 2 years to land myself on a job. This was back in 2002.

Fast forward a few years later in 2006, I was in another job and one day while I was surfing on the net, I discovered a website that talked about earning money online.

(Yeah I know it’s cliché but it’s true…)

At first I didn’t believe it and thought it was just some kind of scam or networking marketing opportunity or pyramid scheme. From there I kept on discovering even more sites that talk about earning
online income. This was in June 2006, and it was when my Internet marketing journey started.

Since I’m from Indonesia, my native language is not English. Even though I can write in English quite well, I have this Asian accent when it comes to speaking in English. But because of my university education in the US, I somehow learned to tone down this accent a little.

This has been one of my biggest challenges in terms of creating information products in the form of audios and videos as most of my audience are from Western countries. I thought that they wouldn’t understand my spoken English.

Turned out I was wrong. When I did my first video, my audience told me that they don’t have a problem understanding what I said. This is a good thing because it kept my confidence growing.

To this date, I still prefer to write rather than to create audios or videos. However, I do have a paid coaching program where I teach students in the form of videos.

2. You’re now working full-time on the internet which is the dream of MANY readers.  What would you say the biggest roadblock you experienced was to achieving this goal?

I would say the biggest roadblock is information overload and NALO (I’ll explain what NALO is in a moment…)

Information overload – almost everyone is going to experience this. You’re exposed to numerous DIFFERENT offers every day, each one promising you the next big thing or “loophole” or “discovery” since slice bread. If you buy it, your problems will be gone and cash will flow in to your bank account like clockwork in just a few days or weeks.

Because we are all bombarded with sales offers every single day, each one saying they are the best and last product we’ll ever need, we are almost guaranteed to suffer from information overload. When we suffer from information overload, we do NOT know where to start.

Guru A says A. Guru B says B. Guru C says C.

Every one of them offers different CONFLICTING advice. This is AbZy (absolutely crazy)!

So whose advice and system do you follow?

Which leads us to the next roadblock which is NALO (no action learn only).

Because we are SO confused by the many different conflicting advice we receive, we don’t know where to start, and in the end we don’t implement what we’ve learned (no action) and instead continue to purchase other products out there (learn), thinking that there must be ONE big complete product that holds the key to unlock the ultimate secret to huge online income.

The cycle of buying product after product continues in a never-ending circle, and we never ever have the chance to truly put what we’ve learned into action.

 3. Why do you feel you’ve been able to replace your job online when many others aren’t?  In other words, what were you willing to do that others don’t or are not able to do?

Two things – FOCUS and PERSEVERANCE.

Focus – this is somehow related to number 2 above. When you do NOT focus, you will suffer from information overload.

Example: Suppose I want to replace my job by earning money via Google AdSense. If this is the case, then I should ignore (meaning: don’t buy) EVERYTHING that is NOT related to AdSense, no matter how enticing the offer is. I don’t care if it’s a time-sensitive 50% discount or a buy one get one free offer – if it’s not related to AdSense, don’t buy it.

If you buy every course out there  – AdWords, SEO, social media marketing, product creation, JV techniques, article marketing, etc. – you’ll suffer from information overload and in the end you don’t take any action.

Perseverance – I see so many people give up when they’ve only been in this industry for a few weeks or months.

It took me 11 months to earn my first online money! YES, that’s not a typo. 11 months before I see any results.

And I didn’t get rich or earn an insane amount. My first online paycheck is only $100+. If I had quit before 11 months, I wouldn’t be here now writing this. I’d most likely still working a 9 to 5 job somewhere.

I always advise people to persevere and not to quit without first giving their absolute BEST effort. I know it’s hard and tough to keep on going when you don’t see any results. This is why so many fail to make any money online – they want to see instant results when they’ve only just started to learn the ropes of internet marketing.

Building a profitable online business is the same as building an offline business. It takes time, effort, dedication, and perseverance if you want to succeed.

Suppose you’re interested in opening a restaurant in your local neighborhood. Can you make tons of money in a few days or weeks time?


There is no such thing as overnight success simply by discovering a secret magic formula. Success is built upon INCREMENTAL improvements, no matter what the business is.

4. Can you share one of the big tips that has helped you reach a breakthrough in your business?

Give First Receive Second.

In today’s internet world, if you want to successfully sell products and services, you need to give first before you can receive.

This is especially true if you’re selling an information product which is not a household name like iPod or Coke or Sony.

When you’re just getting started, nobody knows who you are. You must demonstrate that you know what you’re talking about so that they TRUST you and view you as the expert and go-to-guy when it comes to your subject.

To demonstrate your skills and expertise, you must give away VALUABLE information (tips, tricks, techniques) for free to your audience first. A freebie you create to get them onto your list and a blog where you post content on a regular basis are two good ways to do this.

You need to understand that people have a lot of choices when it comes to buying on the internet. Why must they choose you over your competitors? Why should they trust you (a newcomer) rather than the gurus?

You do this by Giving VALUABLE content first so that they know that you know what you’re talking about.

5. Is there something you do daily that others should duplicate to improve their online results?

There are 2 things:

1. Plan what you want to do the next day using the Pareto Principle

Every night before going to sleep, spend 5 minutes to plan what you want to do the next day. When doing this, make sure you use the Pareto Principle, which states that 20% of your actions will bring about 80% of your results.

Write down the tasks that you have to complete the next day. Then determine which 20% are the MOST important tasks that you know if you do them, are going to contribute to the majority of your sales revenue.

The next day, start out by completing these 20% tasks first (which are of higher value). Only after you’ve completed them can you do the remaining 80% of the tasks (which are of lower value).

For example, creating high quality content for your product is a higher value task than answering customer service questions.

2. Create content

You should create free but high quality content on a daily basis to bring in traffic your website.

You can create content to be put on your blog. Do proper keyword research and target ONE specific keyword phrase to each blog article you write. This will bring in traffic via search engines (SEO), or via other websites referring to your post if your post is REALLY good and beneficial.

You can also create content to submit to other sites that bring traffic to your blog. An example of this is article marketing where you submit articles to article directories. Another example is guest posting on other blogs in your marketplace, just like what I’m doing here on Terry’s blog. In both of these cases, you get backlinks from these sites (which helps in SEO), and also get direct traffic from them.

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