A Lead Magnet is a gift you give in exchange for someone’s email address.

Someone’s email address is precious …when used correctly!

The majority of your visitors aren’t going to sign up for your list if you simply say, “Sign-up Today and I’ll Send You Daily Emails About X”.

You have to sweeten the pot a little by teasing them with something of value.

Mix a benefit with curiosity.

For example, one of my Lead Magnets is a PDF report, “7 Unique Ways to Create Profitable Emails…Even If You’re NOT a Writer“.

The benefit is creating profitable emails even if you’re not a writer. The curiosity comes from the 7 unique ways.

Imagine every email address is worth at least $10 to you.

What can you give them that’s worth at least $10?

Or let’s really push your thinking…what could you give them that’s worth $100+?

This will expand your thinking.

It could be a video, audio, PDF, or even a custom report based on a series of survey questions.

It could be a set of templates or recipes.

But you need to go further than this…

You need to turn your Lead Magnet into a Buyer Magnet.

Your goal isn’t just to collect leads.

Having a massive unresponsive list is no fun. I’ve coached a few clients who were stuck in that situation. You can turn it around, but it can be a painful process where you have to survive the complaints and the pressure as you make the transition.

Your goal is to attract your ideal buyers.

Your Buyer Magnet should be a natural stepping stone to your first sale.

What desperate problem can your paid offer help your audience solve?

Your Buyer Magnet needs to call out to the ideal client for that offer.

It needs to have the right message to market match.

Your Buyer Magnet should identify the problem, the common mistakes, and the root cause behind why the problem still exists.

Here’s a big key to creating a Buyer Magnet instead of a Lead Magnet…

Deliver contrarian content that demonstrates the superiority of your method.

Do this and your Buyer Magnet itself becomes a form of proof.

And it naturally transitions into your paid offer.

I talk about this in detail in a video called, “Lead Magnet Magic: How to Use Your Lead Magnet to Turn Subscribers into Buyers.”

It’s a recording from last month’s webinar in the Monthly Mentor Club.

You can access it under the Video tab inside the Club.

I share the 2 simplest (and often most profitable) kitchen table business plans…along with 3 questions to help find your Buyer Magnet hook…a sample outline you can use…how to transition into your offer…and multiple proven examples from my clients.

Your Buyer Magnet can start turning new subscribers into buyers within the first 24 hours…and you’ll discover the simple pattern to make sure that happens.

And to boost your opt-in percentages, I also cover high-converting squeeze pages you can model.

Check out this video along with all the other training available for immediate access inside the Monthly Mentor Club.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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