Can you be ethical and profitable?

A lot of people wonder about this when they’re first starting out.  Because it seems the news is always finding some new cover-up from major corporations.  The government is hunting down some new fraud.  And many sales consultants constantly advise ethical shortcuts to selling.

So it only makes sense to wonder if it’s even possible to be both ethical and profitable in business today…

The good news is that it is.  And with the new power social media gives to customers…it’s finally becoming the MOST profitable way to do business.

A company can only survive so long with their deception…before the news breaks out.

Today we the consumers have more power than ever before.  While many companies are trying to figure out how to manipulate social media, one of the best uses of it is providing good products and services to your customers and letting them SHARE the experience they’ve had with you with all those they’re connected to.

The reason we constantly hear about big companies screwing up is because most traditional media lives by the motto, “If it bleeds, it leads.” 

They’re constantly on the look-out for bad stories to tell.  They’re constantly portraying an image of those “greedy capitalists.” 

What they don’t show you are all the companies who are doing good around them, cleaning up the messes of others, and being wildly profitable while they’re at it.  That news isn’t sensational…and it doesn’t grab the viewers.  But it is exactly what we need as entprereneurs looking for ethical and profitable businesses.

They also rarely feature the small business solopreneur carving out their own little lifestyle business and how they can use it to really bring change to the lives of those around them. 

The people I do business with who are happiest, most fulfilled, and yes, most profitable long-term are those who not just run a business.  They’re on a MISSION to change lives.  Whatever their MESSAGE is, they use it to help others. 

For example, perhaps your message is about training dogs.  In your mind you’ll see that by helping your customers train their dogs they’ll be less of them given back to shelters (one of reasons dogs end up in shelters is they were never trained correctly).  In addition, you can team up with charities they help dogs find homes…both bringing publicity to your business while supplying a share of the profits back to good works.

Maybe your business helps people lose weight.  That’s a common theme.  So how can you CHANGE their lives while helping them change their weight?  It could be as simple as helping them raise their self-esteem.  At the same time you can team up with charities who combat anorexia and bulimia.   

In my own business I focus heavily on helping others achieve an Internet Lifestyle.  I feel finding your purpose of helping others and the fulfillment which comes from this is a vital element often left out of the approach.  What good is making all the money and having a dream lifestyle if you constantly feel you’re missing something (the enjoyment of really changing lives for others)?

Remember the internet lifestyle is about more than just money…although the money can be very good also.  🙂

Shel Horowitz has recently teamed up with  Jay Conrad Levinson, the “father of Guerrilla Marketing,” to package everything they know about  green and ethical business practices.  It’s called, “Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet.”

This 236-page book, published this year by John Wiley & Sons, demonstrates that Green values, strong ethics, and a cooperative philosophy are cornerstones of success, and provides a roadmap on how to not only run your business in alignment with these values, but how to creatively harness the marketing advantages of that stance–often in ways that cost little or nothing to implement.

Visit Guerilla Marketing Goes Green to purchase this book from your choice of retailer, with prices starting at $14.93 (list price is $21.95).

No matter where you buy the book (local bookstore, your favorite online retailer, or directly from Shel–which gives you the option of an autographed copy), you’ll want to register your purchase on the bonus page.

Registering on that site qualifies you for a substantial bonus package (currently worth more than $2600 and climbing).   And the majority of these aren’t the normal bonuses you see along with every book and launch all over the web.  They’re specifically designed to help you create your own ethical online business…with free consultations, copywriting info, internet marketing advice, and more. 

Check out Guerilla Marketing Goes Green today.

It’s a great way to tap into and read about all those stories about ethical businesses (both large and small) that the news media constantly fails to talk about.

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Terry Dean

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