Profit PlanI wish there was one system that always worked to successfully create a business in any market…for anybody…with no thinking or adjustment required.

But it doesn’t exist.

I really wish it did.

It would make life so much easier.  We wouldn’t have to track.  We wouldn’t have to test anything.  We’d just follow the system automatically and watch it work.

But it isn’t quite that easy…no matter what we’ve been told.

If it was that easy, there would only need to be one internet training course period.  Just get that one…and you’re done.  Follow it and everything else will be automatic.

We wouldn’t need coaches or mastermind groups or surveys or any of that jazz.

This is one of the subjects which came up during our mastermind call last week.  Each of us have different skills and abilities.  And we all have to go through the learning curve online.  We sometimes even have to mix and match the best techniques to reach our unique target market.

That means study, practice, and testing.  But the tests online aren’t like the ones we used to take in school.  Instead they’re tests to see which approach works online for OUR offer.

Maybe the term should change from testing to experimenting. 

If you’re like me, testing actually has a bad connotation from your school days.  Teaches would test you to see your knowledge and then grade you from an A down to an F. 

Yet in online business I’ve never failed.  I’ve simply had experiments which didn’t work…and led me toward new breakthroughs.

The problem with online business for many people is they’re constantly in a search for the elusive system which will solve all their problems.

And it simply doesn’t exist.

That would be like walking into your local mall for all the sales this weekend.  You go into your favorite clothing store…and they’ve removed all the sizes.  Now they simply have a one size fits all policy.  That’s all they sell….one size.  That’s it. 

You stuggle.  You strain.  You cry.  Does it fit?  Maybe if you’re just the perfect size…whatever size they decided this was.  Otherwise it looks massive on you or you couldn’t even get it over your head. 

The majority of their customers will walk away upset, because the new sizing plan doesn’t work for them.

So everyone decides to learn to sew.  They’ll sew their own clothes.  Down they go to the fabric store to pick up the supplies and the pattern they need.

But what do they quickly discover with the patterns?  They discover that the ready-to-wear sizes aren’t always correct for patterns.  Instead they should multiple measurements of their body depending on what they’re creating. 

This will create a much better fit than the stock sizes which used to be available off the shelf.

Wow – it’s getting to be a lot of work…just like it is creating an internet business.

I love how low cost it is to start a business online.  That opens up the door to people who don’t have the assets to start a brick and mortar business. 

But that easy opportunity also has a major disadvantage.  If you were starting a brick and mortar business, you’d likely need financing and investors.  They’d require a full business plan of the market, the competition, how you plan to profit, and what you’re going to do with the money.

How many online business owners do you know who have a detailed plan of where they’re at, where they’re going, and the actions they’re taking daily to get there?

Of course there are adjustments along the way…just like in any good experimental science project…but they know what they’re doing and what they’re tracking.

If one size fits all internet business opportunities really worked for everyone, there wouldn’t be the thousands of them there are today.

The same thing applies to other subjects like weight loss.  How many diet plans or exercise plans are there?  Is that because we’re all so confused or the variation in people, their skills, their body type, etc. means that results may vary (sounds a government disclaimer there). 

How many different colleges or professions are there?  Ditto.

It applies to the internet also.  Does this mean you shouldn’t buy ready made systems?  NO.  But it does mean you need to look at them accurately. 

The customers I see who get the best results are those who keep learning.  They experiment with the techniques in their market.  They expand on what they learn with additional information.

And everything is put to use based on their business, their goals, and their direction.

Keep the right attitude.  Be willing to experiment to find out what works for you.  Set aside the rest.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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