feeling overwhelmed?Are you feeling overwhelmed in your internet business?

Join the crowd.  This is one of the most common feelings everyone has at some point.  Many people make the mistake of STAYING in overwhelm constantly.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed:

1. With the internet business learning curve.

This is a whole new world for many people, especially if you’ve never had any type of business before.  Being an employee and being an entrepreneur are radically different worlds.  So you have to deal with both techniques and changing your mindset at the same time. 

2. With all the different business models.  

You have bloggers, affiliates, information producers, ecommerce sites, CPA networks, and so on.  The number of business variations online is immense.  And with a load of gurus all advising different models, you’re bound to get confused (I’ve seen many people who mix up all the different strategies into one big mess). 

3. With all the ways you can generate traffic.

Social media, PPC, SEO, Youtube, PPV, etc.  Everyone advises different strategies for driving traffic.  It’s enough to drive you crazy…especially if you try to do ALL of it. 

4. With all the NEW information available everyday.

News, ezines, videos, blog posts, and social media conversations…it’s all too much.  You can’t seem to keep up with it all anymore.

What to do about it all?

You’re not alone.  Everyone has felt what you’re feeling at some point or another. 

The solution includes a few steps…all designed to help you get back on track and eliminate those feelings of overwhelm.

Step #1: Quit trying to do it all. 

Today is NOT the day of the generalist.  You can’t do it all.  You can’t keep up with it all.  And you can’t experience it all. 

Become a specialist.  That’s why I continually tell people to become exceptional at one way of generating traffic and one way of converting traffic. 

All valuable markets are competitive.  That means the winners are those who know how to convert their traffic.  And they know how to generate BUYING traffic…not just visitors. 

The argument people will use against this is that you need multiple pillars in a successful business, and they’re right.  But that doesn’t mean YOU need to be the one running all these different ad sources.  Instead you concentrate on an area you understand and can dig deep in.  You become a master at it (whether it’s PPC, seo, affiliate management, etc.). 

Then you hire out the other activities to grow your business with similar traffic. 

Step #2: Go on a low information diet OR break out one day a week to review information. 

Be selective about what information you process in your business.   You have two choices here.  You can either cut yourself off from many of the sources…unsubscribe from the lists, remove the blogs from your rss reader, and turn off the news.

By the way, turning off the news is one of the best ways to grow your business.  You’ll eliminate an avalanche of negativity overnight.  EVERYONE should at least try a “news fast” for at least 30 days where you don’t pay attention to any of the major news.

Your second choice is to have a specific day of the week you concentrate on learning and expanding your knowledge.  Save all the emails to a specific folder.  Don’t open your RSS reader except on this day.  And this is the day you study courses related to the subject you’re working on right now. 

This day becomes a day to work “on your business” instead of in your business.  You use the information you pick up looking for key points to add into whatever checklists or steps you follow each week.  It becomes a day dedicated to business improvement.  You create plans for the next week along with goals for the next month…while keeping your information diet managed successfully.

Step #3: Create detailed plans for upcoming weeks and months.

Many times you feel overwhelmed because you keep seeing the weight of everything which needs to be finished, but you’re not taking it one step at a time. 

There’s that old saying, “How do you eat an elephant.”  Answer:  One bite at a time. 

Running an internet business can feel like eating an elephant.  Too often we stress ourselves out by trying to get too much done all at once…and nothing gets done.  Or we sit there worrying about everything that needs to be done instead of taking that single bite.

Your goal is simply to make progress in your business every single week.  My pick is to try to make progress in the major elements of your business every week: traffic, conversion, and content.  What is your most important step for this week?  When is it on your schedule to be completed?

If you want to dig deeper into seeing how I run my business…and have helped clients eliminate overwhelm and take weekly steps to success…check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

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