obvious internet profitsAre you tripping over obvious internet profits in your business?

As a coach I see it all the time.  Instead of looking at some basic elements in their business, people often want to go after a complicated system.

This is one place where my laziness definitely has an advantage.  I don’t like looking for challenges.  I’m not looking for the most difficult way to do something.  And I definitely don’t want to overcomplicate anything.  That’s a fast path to a load of unproductive work. 

Instead I’m always looking for ways to make business easier…both for me and my customers.

You may be saying, “Well, duh, of course that’s what I want to do also.”

But the real question is, are you doing it…or are you staring off into the distance while tripping over obvious internet profits?

Here’s an obvious question I often ask clients…

What’s working right now?

It serves several purposes.  It can be used as a way to redirect your mindset.  For example, many people get caught up in everything that’s not working.  The product isn’t selling.  The visitors aren’t subscribing or the traffic is stagnat. 

But what is working?  You may say, “Nothing…”

But I doubt that.  Even if visitors aren’t coming to your site, if you’re creating videos and getting them uploaded to Youtube, then at least that part is working.  You KNOW how to upload videos to Youtube.  You know how to create them.

We may have to change what you’re saying in the videos or even what you’re creating them about, but something is working right now. 

The answer to this is often more commonly…well I am getting traffic from ______ (insert search engines, Adwords, Facebook, one affiliate, etc.).   Most of them aren’t buying, but one affiliate did send a good number of buyers.

OK…that becomes a base point.  Next we figure out why these visitors bought when others didn’t.  Was it because of the relationship that affiliate had.  Where did the affiliate generate visitors from? 

What makes this successful affiliate different from any other affiliates?  How can we find more just like them?

This is the second element of this question…
How can we do MORE or ADD value to what’s currently working?

It’s about maximizing whatever’s working.  Once you find an offer that people buy…you then look for related offers.  Once you find an ad that works, you run more of it.

If you have a successful affiliate, what all do you know about them?  Where do you find more people similar to them?

I’m sure you’ve heard me say at some point that I failed my way to success.

That means I tried many different things.  Whenever something worked, I did MORE of it.  I’d go back and improve on it.  I’d expand and leverage the results.

That’s what online business is about.  Again, you might be saying, “This is obvious!”

I told you it was obvious.

But it’s a whole lot easier said than done…or I wouldn’t end up asking the question so often.

I’ll bet you’re tripping over obvious internet profits right now somewhere in your business.  Something you’ve done has worked for you…at least on a minor scale. 

Instead of jumping to the next item, go back and take a look at what you’ve done and anything which has generated results…even if they’re minor.

The secret you’re looking for may simply be expanding on it, making the offer more enticing, and streamlining the process to leverage it for better results next time. 

While I believe in having goals and visions for your business, be careful that looking into the distance doesn’t cause you to trip over profits you could have deposited today.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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