As you know, Dr. Glenn Livingston and I are accepting 30 new members for our Growth Acceleration System™ business coach community.

Jesse Rawstorne was one of our early adopters…and she is a great example of someone who was looking to make the leap from steady employment to her own business coaching and consulting practice.

You can listen in on the 31 minute interview Glenn did with Jesse here…

Jesse has been in a stressful corporate job for over 14 years.

She was looking for a way to safely transition from that job to her own Lifestyle type business.

Our program gave her the stepping stone to get moving.

And as you’ll find out on the interview, she attracted her first premium fee, ongoing clients in just a few weeks.

Discover the free strategies she used to attract these clients.

You too can start attracting high quality clients for your coaching or consulting business.

If you offer any type of high ticket business related services, you owe it to yourself to listen to what Glenn and Jesse share on this downloadable mp3 audio.

Click here now…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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