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Referrals are one of the fastest free ways to generate high quality new clients for any consulting or coaching practice.

Too often we think of referrals as a secondary method…something that just happens.

The reality is you want to set yourself up for referrals.

You of course have to be able to deliver results for your clients. That’s one of the reasons Glenn and I share our proven systems with our coaches. When you deliver quick wins to your clients, you are positioning yourself for referrals.

But one of the most important things you can do is ASK for referrals.

You likely already have friends, family members, or co-workers who have contacts they could refer to you.

Start by making a list of who you already know.

Who do you know that currently runs a business?

Who do you know that could refer you potential clients? Accountants, bankers, previous employers, chiropractors, lawyers, or anyone in the media are all great referral sources.

Who do you know that may have a list of business owners where they could send out a free consultation offer for you to their audience?

Look at your Facebook contacts. If you’re on Linkedin, that’s even better. What about religious groups or clubs you may be a member of? What do your neighbors know?

It’s unlikely you can go through everyone you know and not think of at least a few potential referral sources.

But let’s assume you’re still struggling.

Expand out. Look for referral groups in your local area such as BNI and others.

These networking groups are a perfect source for referrals.

Or you could create your own referral group.

Make a list of non-competitive business owners who could refer business to you. For example, if you’re a business coach, this could include accountants, bookkeepers, financial planners, lawyers, website designers, graphic designers, IT support, florists, insurance agents, bankers, janitorial services, etc.

All these business owners have potential referrals they could send you.

But if you just call them up and ask them to refer others to you, they’re likely to ignore you.

Instead you need to tune into WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

What’s in it for them?

They probably want some referrals, don’t they?

Instead of asking them to refer people to you on your first contact, ask them how you can refer people to them.

Introduce yourself and tell them what you do.

Ask them, “Who is your ideal client?

You want to understand more about their services and who they want to attract so you know who to refer to them.

Find out what their introductory offer is for a new client you refer.

Use your own practice as an example. Tell them who your ideal client is. Tell them what you offer (usually a free consultation/strategy session).

By using your practice as an example, you’re planting the seeds for potential referrals to you.

And by asking them who they want…you’re keeping the focus on them and their desires.

You could put together your own referral network of non-competitive business owners.

I go into more detail about generating referrals and other ways to attract high quality clients to your business coaching or consulting practice on this free training video.

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