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People always wonder if those who succeed at internet marketing had an unfair advantage over them.

The truth is I had an advantage.

No, it definitely wasn’t money. I was broke, in debt, and borrowed even more money on a credit card to buy my first PC.

And it definitely wasn’t business experience. Unlike many entrepreneurs I had never had any successful business experiences in the past. Just one bus opp failure after another.

It wasn’t technical skill, business contacts, or sales abilities. I was self-taught on that first PC, didn’t personally know any entrepreneurs, and failed miserably at door-to-door sales.

My one advantage was a spouse who supported me.

And it couldn’t have been easy for her.

I worked one dead-end job after another. She had done the same.

We kept going deeper in debt. And many of those debts came from failed bus opps and network marketing companies piled deep in the basement.

Yet, every time she supported me. She believed in me. She was there.

She never lost faith in me.

And that was my advantage.

It paid off in 1996 when the Internet created the lifestyle we have enjoyed ever since.

Having someone who believes in you and inspires you is an advantage. If you don’t have someone like that in your life, find a buddy where you can cheer each other on. Encourage each other when you get down. Celebrate your victories together.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely experience…especially in your room in front of a computer. Connect with a buddy, mentor, or mastermind group. Reach greater heights together.

For me, it is a time of celebration. December 23rd will be our 20th wedding anniversary.

Yes, my wife is my favorite Christmas gift.

When I first asked her out, she ignored the question and rambled on about something else. When I asked again, she finally responded, “Sure, I’m not afraid to go out with you.”

Not the greatest start…but I fell in love with this wonderful woman quickly.

We were married within 5 months of our first date.

That was 20 years ago.

I want to take time out today to say ‘Thank You’ to you my reader.

We’re going to see even greater victories in 2014. Wait till you see what’s in store over the next year.

It’s exciting.

But for now, take some time with your family. Say ‘thank you’ to those around you.

And if it’s possible…lend a helping hand to those who were recently hurt by the disaster in the Philippines:


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