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One of the bonuses with this course is my guide about “Scaling From 6 to 7 Figures”.

It gives you proven systems to help you grow (and it will save you a lot of hassle and frustration even if you’re just getting started).

Here’s a short excerpt from the report…

Ask better questions if you want to increase the quality of your business (or your life).

Change your questions and you can change your story.

Change your story and you’ll change your future.

For example, here are two questions that virtually guarantee you tell yourself a negative, victimhood story. These questions disempower and set you up for failure…

“Why do clients suck so much?”

“Why does doing business online require spending 60+ hours hustling every week?”

The premise for both these questions is wrong.

Clients don’t suck. They’re awesome! You ‘partner’ with them to solve their problems while they finance your freedom and lifestyle.

A much better question to ask yourself is, “Who are my ideal clients and how do I attract more of them consistently?”

I define an A+ client as someone who buys your product, implements it, sees results, buys additional offers from you, and refers you to others.

If you’ve filled your business with complainypants customers, then no wonder you’re upset! They’re a bad fit for you.

In the internet marketing space, these would be customers who are looking for a miracle by this weekend.

They don’t implement. They already think they know it all and they refund 10 minutes after buying a course because there is nothing new to them in it.

Instead of focusing on them, another question you can ask yourself is, “What can I do to attract more of my ideal clients while repelling the negative ones?”

It’s the same with the other victim question of, “Why does doing business online require spending 60+ hours hustling every week?”

Online business doesn’t require that. If you’ve been saying that, you’re telling yourself the wrong story.

Much better questions to ask yourself would be, “What is the most effective and profitable use of my time?”

Or “What’s consuming my time but only generating meager returns?

Sure, a lot of people complain there’s simply not enough time in the day, but that too is the wrong story.

Time is a gift. It is limited, but that simply means you must choose to invest it in whatever is most important to you.

As an entrepreneur, one of your goals should be to leverage your time through systems and other people to generate a greater value for a larger audience.

If you’re constantly running…while it feels like you’re standing still in your business or even going backwards…then you’re not investing your time correctly.

You’re drowning in the day-to-day work instead of putting the right systems in place.

You’ve likely put yourself in the position of a day laborer instead of the CEO.

Inside the “Scaling From 6 to 7 Figures” guide, you’ll discover 23 questions designed to change your story, your business, and your future.

You’ll also be led on a little visualization exercise to discover the next step for your business.

And that’s just the beginning.

Then we get into practical systems and steps you can take to earn more and work less while making a bigger impact on your audience.

And that’s just one of the bonuses that comes along with the 21 Money Multipliers course.

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Terry Dean

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