Do you have one of ‘those’ friends?

I’m talking about the guy or girl who always has a disaster in their life.

They’re a magnet for problems.

They sound like Charlie Brown at Halloween.

While everyone else gets candy and cookies, what does Charlie Brown get?

“I got a rock.”

They could write their own country song…

‘Their wife left them.  The dog bit them.  And their truck got stolen.’

You don’t want clients or customers like this.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do.

They’ll sap your energy and drag you down into the dumps with them.

Everyone runs into problems.

I’m not making light of what’s going on in their life.

This isn’t about the problems.

It’s the attitude.

I’ve seen people go through Hell I couldn’t imagine.

Yet, they still have a smile.   They still laugh.

You want to be around them.

They lift your spirits and make you thankful for what you have.

This is about the negativity.

Negative customers and clients can rip your online business to shreds.

And they can put you through the emotional wringer.

You don’t want EVERYONE to buy from you.

You simply can’t afford some customers.

I always talk about targeting your bulls-eye customer.

Do a different exercise today.

Write down what the kind of customer you want to REPEL.

For me, it’s that desperate beginner who has to make $10,000 before Friday…or they’ll lose their house.

Yes, someone actually emailed me and said that was the situation they were in.

I told them not to buy.  I couldn’t help them.

I also don’t want those who’ve drank the business opportunity kool-aid.

They’re jumping from ‘opportunity’ to ‘opportunity’ looking for a complete turn-key business that requires zero work on their part.

No thank you.  I can’t help them either.

Unrealistic expectations.  Some people try to compete in an overcrowded market with just a $10 me-too ebook and refuse to add any additional offers.  The numbers don’t work.

Those are just a few of the customers I want to repel.

Make a list of the types of customers you can’t help.

What faulty expectations of beliefs do they have which will lead to their failure?

Going through this exercise will help you clarify the customers you’re trying to attract.

Personally, I’m looking for the client who has a made a quality decision they will succeed online.

They’re going to enter a niche and make their best effort to add value to their customers.

They’re willing to do what it takes and overcome the problems which are sure to come.

And they’re even willing to fail at times…knowing each one is another test leading them closer to success in their market.

If that’s you, join me today:

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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