What is your current ROI from social media?

You should be tracking this just like every other form of marketing online.

Count how many hours you’ve invested into it so far…and the return on that investment.

A friend recently reported he had a verifiable return of over $40,000 in 2 months using Linkedin.

He spent zero on the campaign and invested very little of his own time.

I’ll come back to him and what he did in a minute.

Here’s the problem with most people’s social media campaigns.

They apply the ‘Spray and Pray’ methodology.

That’s where you just spray whatever content you create all over the place…to as many sources as possible.

No rhyme or reason behind it.

You just heard you need to be ‘out there.’

So out you go.  You throw as much paint at the wall as you can, hoping some of it sticks.

“Move the Free Line” and “Content is King” is a mantra online.

Too bad it’s dead wrong.  But that’s a story for another time.

The ‘spray and pray’ method may get likes and followers, but not many buyers.

Social media 101 is the same as Marketing 101.

Target your bulls-eye first.

Know EXACTLY who you’re going after.

What much do you know about your A+ customers?

How old are they?  Are they male or female?

What desperate problems are they experiencing?

Where are they spending their time online?

What specifically attracts them?

It is always about your strategy first.

You don’t jump in your car and take off driving without knowing your destination.

Don’t waste time in social media if you don’t have directions to where you’re going.

We’ve covered how to discover the demographics and desires in a market in other blog posts.

You can research Amazon reviews, spy on social media conversations, visit industry forums, reverse engineer competitors, or survey your subscribers.  You could even speak directly to your customers.

Know your A+ customers.  Then create a laser targeted campaign to reach them where they’re at.

Back to my buddy and his $40,000+ free Linkedin campaign.

He knew exactly who he was targeting.

In his case it was top of the line copywriting clients…the big direct response companies that pay premium fees to copywriters.

Even though he had never written for clients like these, he used a laser targeted strategy to connect with them and contact them all through Linkedin.

Some of them asked him immediately if he was available.

Others saved his information and contacted him when they had a need.

By the way, he also gets royalties which I didn’t include in the $40,000 figure.

When he told me what he was doing, I went CRAZY over it.

This would work for copywriters, consultants, coaches, or any type of service business.

Even better…it could be used to connect with BIG joint venture partners in virtually any market.

Who could immediately multiply the results of your business with their large list or contacts?

They’re probably on Linkedin.

I had to twist his arm, but he finally agreed to share his step-by-step method with my Monthly Mentor Club subscribers.

Every little secret including the exact message he sent out is coming in the May 1st issue.


If you’re already a member, you’re going to feast your eyes on every detail of this method in the issue being mailed May 1st.

If you’re not a member, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for…


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