I’ve talked about gratitude in other emails.

Be grateful for all the blessings in your life…especially the people around you.

Gratitude gets your attitude positioned for success.

But I want to talk about a characteristic we see in children…that we often lose as we get older.


It’s powerful.

Successful people are constantly learning. They don’t want to be the smartest person in the room. They’re collecting wisdom from others. They love books. They love asking the tough questions. They’re not looking for an echo chamber. They’re looking for practical wisdom they can implement. This includes hiring coaches to bounce ideas back and forth.

But it doesn’t stop there.

They interview experts in all fields. A good interviewer is curious. They’re looking for the story and the key leverage points. They’re a good listener.

Talk to customers.

Ask questions. Find out what problems led them to look for a solution. Did they try anything else before they purchased from you?

Why did they choose your product over every other option?

Was there anything in the process that almost kept them from ordering? This is an amazing question because it can help you spot speed bumps in your funnel.

What did they implement first from your product? What were the results? How could you have made it even more effective for them?

It’s amazing what you can learn by keeping your ears open and your mouth shut.

You can pick up a lot of intel online through Facebook groups, discussion boards, Twitter, blog comments, and Amazon reviews, but nothing beats speaking to your customers directly.

Curiosity also leads you to testing new approaches in your business.

What happens if you try this new ‘question’ headline instead of the direct promise one you’re currently using?

What if you test an evergreen special for new subscribers that ends 7 days after they join your list?

What if you add this new bump offer for an extra 40% to your shopping cart?

It’s tough to motivate yourself to test new concepts in your funnel. I find the clients who are the most curious are also the ones most likely to test something new.

They’re not just doing it for the money. They’re doing it because they’re curious about the results and how they could apply it to other elements of their business.

How curious are you in your life and your business?

Those who ‘know it all’ are the least likely to succeed. For example, a common reason people refund business training products is because they already knew all this. They didn’t find something ‘new’ to their itching ears even though they haven’t implemented any of it.

There is a world of difference between reading about online marketing and getting your hands dirty by building multiple streams of income.

You’re going to face obstacles. There are going to be times where you don’t know exactly what you should do. Do your research. Listen to good advice. Ask questions. Then exercise your curiosity muscle to try a few things until you find what works for you and your market.

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